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POS Software for Bars and Nightclubs

Point-of-sale systems are becoming more popular as more retailers discover how using the technology can benefit their business. This is why you will see these retail management systems becoming staple feature at large stores...

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Building Home Security Systems

Introduction It is a sad fact, but some people have no qualms about breaking into your home and taking what is yours. Even so-called safe neighbourhoods may be targeted by these thieves. Your best...

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How To Select A Good Domain Name

Your domain name serves as your internet identity, and the name you select can tell a lot about you. It is important to have a website, but having the right domain name is just...


3 tips for creating a profitable website

What could be better than having an awesome new website, one that you’re not ashamed to show off to your potential clients, that will be engaging enough to constantly encourage new business enquiries? 

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How To Boost Enterprise Software Adoption

Even though the adoption of enterprise software can greatly benefit a business, if employees are unwilling to adapt, or if the enterprise apps that are implemented don’t meet the needs of end users, no...


Beat shoplifting ‒ throw a party!

It doesn’t matter whether you run a small business in a British backwater or an exclusive boutique in Beverly Hills, shoplifting is nearly always an issue that must be faced. There are very few...