What is the advantage of drain lining?

Oldbury is a charming village in Gloucestershire, close to the River Severn with delightful views over Chepstow. The village comprises sandstone and brick cottages which are situated along narrow, winding country lanes. This makes for a delightful community feel, but can be a challenge when roadworks are necessary.

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Why is Oldbury particularly affected?

One reason why roadworks are erected in this area is because of drainage issues. Being close to the River Severn means that when tides are high or the area experiences prolonged periods of bad weather, the underground drains in the area can become blocked or damaged, leading to localised flooding.

Collapsed drains are a big problem and the time taken to resolve these issues can be very frustrating for local residents. Drain lining Oldbury, carried out by specialists such as https://www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/sewer-repairs-drain-lining-concrete-cutting/drain-repairs/drain-repairs-oldbury, offers a modern and less invasive alternative to drain repairs and replacements.

What is drain lining?

Drain lining is a trenchless process which requires no excavations and minimal road closures during which damage to underground pipework is assessed using CCTV technology and repaired with modern methods. Very often, it is only a small section of the drain or sewer which is damaged, and in these instances, patch lining is an effective way of restoring the function of the drain and protecting it from further damage.

As an added benefit, drain lining is safe and cheaper than traditional excavation and replacement methods of drain management, particularly where only small sections are affected. The process keeps mess to an absolute minimum. And because it is carried out more quickly than would be the case for a traditional pipe replacement, it means less disruption for residents while reducing the risk of localised flooding.

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In summary

Oldbury is a village that is at risk of flooding due to its proximity to the River Severn. When this happens, drains can back up and narrow country lanes can quickly become impassable or congested. Drain lining is a safe, reasonably priced and very effective strategy for restoring the original function of damaged sections of drains and sewers.

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