How to tame a creeper in minecraft?

The world of Minecraft is a vast territory where we can get different biomes and climates. We also have an interesting variety of animals and creatures. Among the exotic creatures of this title, we find the Creeper. Although he seems defenseless, this little friend has everything but nothing of helplessness. Being one of the best known creatures, some players come to admire it and wonder: How to tame a Creeper in Minecraft?

If you are one of these players who prefer a dangerous creature instead of a kitten, let us tell you that you are in the right place. Well, here we will tell you if that dream of having a ” cute ” pet Creeper is possible. You just have to keep reading: How to make a bow in Minecraft

How to tame a creeper in minecraft?

How to tame a creeper in minecraft

The Creepers in Minecraft are one of the first creatures added to the title. They stand out for their striking appearance. They are presented as a being with skin (if it can be called skin) of light green color, it has a mouth and eyes, and its limbs are limited to a long trunk with strange legs? Tentacles? Claws? Fingers? We still do not know what kind of limb it is, but it can move at considerable speed. Check out the What does a carrot on a stick do in Minecraft?

The behavior of a Creeper in Minecraft

Creepers have a particular way of attacking, as they approach the player silently and if the player does not notice when he least expects it, this creature explodes, taking with it the blocks that are below and to the sides of it, and of course, with a lot of bad luck also to the character, giving him a somewhat painful death.

Strangely the Creepers flee from the ocelots and the cats. Perhaps it is because they feel some kind of threat from these animals. The only way for the Creepers to stay in the same place as the named felines are in a state of explosion.

We must also add that the other Mobs and animals move away when a Creeper is about to explode. These animals and creatures appreciate their lives.

Taming a Creeper in Minecraft

If we want to tame and have this creature as our pet, let us tell you that it is impossible unless a Mod or Mod is installed. Currently, there are some Mods that fulfill our dream of having this creature as our pet, endowing the game with the domestication function for this creature which will make the Creeper tame. It feels and does not explode, a whole dream! That it is impossible to achieve by not having the mod installed, which provides us with this modification.

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