How to make a bow in Minecraft

The bow, like the sword, is one of the most used weapons in Minecraft to attack our enemies.

With the bow we can fight from a distance, which protects us much more than a sword and in turn, allows us to have greater flexibility of movement without direct contact with other players or animals.

As a bow is nothing without arrows, today we show you how to make a bow in Minecraft and how to make arrows … it’s very easy, you just have to follow the following steps.

STEPS TO MAKE A BOW IN MINECRAFTHow to make a bow in Minecraft

1.-   First you must have a manufacturing table, which you can create yourself by placing a wooden block in a manufacturing area and creating 4 tables. You can also find a table in the villas, take a look …

2.-   To make a bow you will need different materials, there are exactly 3 sticks that you will have to make with two wooden boards and 3 strings that you will have to obtain by killing spiders or looking in the mines.

3.- It is time to arrange the clubs and arrange them in the following way; In the top row place a stick right in the center, in the middle row place another in the right square, and in the inner row in the center square.

4.-   Place the 3 strings, creating a straight line that descends in the box on the left.

5.-   Create your bow by clicking on the “create” option, and you will see how the combination of materials becomes your new weapon for Minecraft. Keep reading: What are sponges used for in minecraft

HOW TO MAKE ARROWS IN MINECRAFTHow to make a bow in Minecraft

1.-  To begin, make sure you have the following materials: 1 stick that you will have to make with two wooden boards, 1 flint that you can find in the mines, and 1 feather that you can get by killing chickens.

2.-   Place the materials in a straight downward line as follows; In the top row just in the center square, place a flint, in the middle row, in the center square, a stick, and in the bottom row, a feather also in the center square.

3.-  Make your arrows by clicking on the “manufacture” option, and you will see how the combination of these materials results in 4 arrows for your bow.

Finally, a trick that can come in handy at any given time and if you are lucky enough to catch a hostile mob, is to go out at night and look for a skeleton that you can kill to take the bow that has been released …

Of course, some are damaged, others may help you for a while against the attack on your enemies.

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