Is it legal to put flyers on cars at Walmart?

Walmart has an interesting policy about posting flyers and other items on vehicles in their parking lot. The company prohibits the distribution of any materials to vehicles parked at Walmart, including the placement of flyers and other promotional material on or under windshield wipers, inside vehicle doors or windows, or elsewhere on the exterior surface of a vehicle. This is because they want customers to park as close as possible to store entrances so that they can easily access merchandise without having to walk through the parking lot. However, this does not prevent people from distributing such materials by hand within 10 feet (3 meters) of Walmart’s property line according to local regulation.

Is it legal to put flyers on cars at Walmart?

Is it legal to put flyers on cars at Walmart

The legality of distributing flyers, in general, is different in each jurisdiction. Generally, it would be legal if the targeted vehicles are parked lawfully (not overstaying their paid time at a parking lot) and Walmart has not banned this act on their corporate property policy. On the other hand, if the distribution could potentially obstruct vision while driving or make it difficult for the driver to read street signs, it could be illegal.

Some communities and jurisdictions prohibit any kind of flyer distribution on public streets and sidewalks (and sometimes even parking lots). It is also prohibited in some areas to place flyers under windshield wipers or inside vehicles, though this does not prevent hand distribution within the legal limit of 10 feet (3 meters). If the distribution could potentially cause a distraction for drivers, it is illegal. Distributing flyers near intersections and crosswalks may also be subject to regulations about obstructing traffic or interfering with pedestrians.

Is putting flyers on doors soliciting?

Putting flyers on vehicles parked in public is not soliciting since it’s still technically giving away the flyer for free. However, if any money (like a tip) was requested upon distribution and/or the flyer promises receiving something like a magazine for paying a fee of some sort, then it would be considered to be a solicitation.

Is putting flyers on cars in Walmart parking lot soliciting?

Putting flyers on vehicles in a Walmart is considered to be solicitation since it is not technically free. However, even if flyers are distributed for free (without requesting any money), it still might be considered a solicitation if the flyer promises to receive something like a magazine with payment. Some jurisdictions prohibit all forms of solicitation on public streets, which would make the distribution of flyers illegal in most cases.

Jurisdiction and local regulation may affect the legality of flyer distribution on vehicles in a Walmart parking lot. In general, putting flyers on lawfully parked cars (not overstaying their paid time for the parking lot) is not a solicitation. On the other hand, it may be considered soliciting if payment was requested upon distribution or if the flyer promises to receive something like a magazine with paying a fee of some sort. For more information, check local regulations regarding this practice in your area.

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