How to stop continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed?

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is one of the best browsers around. It is fast, secure, but unfortunately has a small flaw, common to many other navigation programs: its keep running in background even when it is not in use. For what reason and how to stop continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed?

Turning off Chrome running in the background can prove to be an interesting solution in multiple scenarios: just think, for example, of the amount of memory “gnawed” by the browser if there are extensions, Chrome App or notifications that act even when the program is closed or, in the specific case of notifications, how annoying it is to view one every second.

It is precisely for this reason that Chrome leaves the possibility for the user to change his default behavior in a few seconds: thanks to the integrated settings manager, it is possible to disable continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed on Windows, Linux and Mac so that all browser activities are terminated once the last window or the last Chrome app has been closed.

Before continuing, however, it must be reiterated that by disabling Chrome in the background all browser activities will cease when the last active window is closed, so it will not be possible to receive desktop notifications, automatic updates or to take advantage of any Chrome App features when the browser or apps are closed.

How to turn off running Google Chrome in the background?

The question would be … Why does it work like this? Other browsers like this do not work, they have only one process, you load it and you are loading everything. Inside the browser you will see that you can adjust that Google Chrome may or may not continue to load those processes when closing the browser. It is something normal that usually happens if you have installed a plug-in or extension that works even when it closes.

continue running background apps when google chrome is closed

Here we can easily stop continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed …


Open the browser menu and, from there, select “Settings” (or go to the chrome: // settings page / type the address directly into the bar). Without this we scroll to the bottom of the window and click on “Show Advanced Settings”.

Now let’s look for the System section and remove the check mark from “Continue running applications in the background after closing Google Chrome”.

The game is done: from now on, Chrome will no longer run in the background after closing the last window or Chrome App, resulting in memory savings and no notifications / features connected. It is possible to restore execution in the background at any time by simply putting the check mark back in its place.

Well, here we got solution to stop continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed. However, background process helps Chrome to be fast as possible but sometimes Google Chrome becomes slow, but the reason is not always the background process but something else as well. So here I will try to explain the possible causes and solutions if you find your chrome slow.

Why Google Chrome is slow?

If you have already disabled continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed but still you are facing browser is slow, then check if something happens to you like this that I am going to describe is that you have problems with Chrome …

  • Chrome has always been fast, but after a while, or after updating or installing Windows suddenly people can see that Chrome that worked in the past well, now is slow.
  • Sensation that Chrome when it opens and starts to be used slows down the entire PC and does not leave a normal display of the page you were opening. Sometimes it stays frozen until it cannot change quickly as usual other days.
  • It is interesting to put Chrome to work more efficiently so that it does not bother and is with fast performance. But still, you can go wrong. I also remember that it is advisable to have decent RAM and the more the better for there to be about using Chrome and the Windows 10, 8, 7 system completely.
  • There are also cases in the task manager Windows 10 are seen about 5 or 6 processes logically called Chrome.exe and only one has 2 or 3 tabs open Chrome.
  • There are also cases that say that these Chrome.exe processes collapse the computer in CPU, showing that they are using 100% of the machine, causing it to slow down (the computer is very slow).

OK, if you are of these that have some error of this type we will take action offering solutions for Google Chrome to be fast again as it was before because this answer that I leave is to solve problems with web pages that do not load, they load slow, many chrome.exe processes or similar things appear, causing Chrome to become a very slow browser.

1. Check that there is no virus or malware installed on Chrome or PC

The first thing we must do is check if we have a virus or malware installed on the computer and this is what is causing our Chrome browser to go slow and running erroneously. Do not forget to check if you have malware installed (it will be most likely) that is what is making Google Chrome more complicated and malfunctioning.

2. Empty cache and cookies Chrome

Yes, this is the first thing I want to recommend, because doing cache data and cookies is a basic task to start seeing the browser much cleaner. When you get to the part of management of Cookies and other website data you must choose the options “Cookies and other data from sites and add-ons” and “Files and images stored cache”, and remember that you also have to choose to delete stored items since the beginning of time. As I said, follow the steps that I have put before you explain it very well.

3. Test in incognito mode in Google Chrome

In Incognito Mode if we see that it is going well (closing the normal window) it means that we have a problem with some extension or configuration of Chrome. Enter extensions and remove those you do not want to use, do not need or do not know much.

4. Deactivate and disable Google Chrome extensions

This is an important recommendation to streamline Chrome and uninstall extensions that annoy or slow you down. Many times install extensions that bother a poor development of these can cause them to behave unexpectedly.

5. Reset settings or reinstall Google Chrome

If you continue to see that Chrome is still going bad and what we want is to stay as new, it is advisable to go to the Chrome Settings to reset Google Chrome.


Google Chrome creates many processes when it is running. This works like this because Google Chrome creates processes for every window you open, plug-in that you’re using. Here we have show you how to stop continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed to make your browser faster and we hope it will help you!

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