We show you five free file browsers for Windows if you do not want to use the one that comes installed

Many times locating a file on our computer becomes a more complicated task than at first might be expected. Luckily we have a powerful tool how is the “File Explorer”, a type of utility for me essential in almost any device and whose absence always causes me more of a headache when dealing with iOS.

The Windows File Explorer works great but we may sometimes look for something else or simply do not convince us its use. That is why we have reviewed some of the alternatives that we consider most interesting to this tool that we practically use every day.


free file browsers for Windows

We start this review with an alternative and free application how is WizFile. It offers almost all the functions that we can expect in an application of this type and offers the advantage of having a very simple interface, without complicated options.

We can use it both to locate files on our Windows computer or in any other unit that we have physically or networked. In searches we can make use of different filters and indexing.

Explorer ++

free file browsers for Windows

The second in the list responds to the name of Explorer ++. It is a manager or file explorer that allows the use of different tabs simultaneously to improve and optimize searches.

Making use of them we can move or copy folders or files between them, as well as how to combine files, delete them safely or divide them. To improve security it also offers the option of locking tabs and thus avoid unwanted accidents.

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free file browsers for Windows

We follow the review and we do it with Everything, another free file explorer for Windows. One of the most affordable alternatives in terms of the use it offers and that will allow us to find any file or folder on our computer thanks to an elementary but effective interface.

Everything offers the possibility to dive through our tree of directories and to improve the results and help us gain time has a powerful search filter so that we find in less time the file we are looking for.

Better Explorer

free file browsers for Windows

It is another of the free alternatives of this list. One of the best known and most powerful, since it includes, as in Explorer ++, the option to search on different tabs (either on the computer itself or on connected devices) to save time.

We can exchange the files that we have located in the different tabs, as well as offering the option of deleting them or copying them to the clipboard. Also, if we are not sure of the contents of the file, it offers a preview before opening it.

Double Commander

free file browsers for Windows

We finished the review of free alternatives to the File Explorer with Double Commander, which once again opts for the tab system to improve usability compared to the default Windows 10.

In addition Double Commander contains a powerful and user-friendly file editor that is enhanced with the option to drag and drop files when we want to move them between folders. And all with a learning curve not at all elevated.

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