Adobe Photoshop Express for Android

The most famous Adobe Photoshop photo-editing program is available for Android devices with the Photoshop express versions. The program is certainly the best ever, both for Windows users and for those who make graphics their profession on Mac.

Photoshop express mobile

In order to install it on Android devices, Photoshop Express, as far as the system is concerned, requires at least version 4.0, that is ICS, which along with the subsequent release 4.2 Jelly Bean, is installed on 54.3% of Android devices in circulation.

It is a very solid application with no stability problems, it is very responsive to commands and above all has a simple interface that is well suited to small screens. Obviously we are not faced with an alternative solution to Photoshop for PC or Mac, however the app brings together a series of features typical of photo editing that are difficult to find concentrated in other apps.

Photoshop express download free

Adobe has designed a version for Smartphones and Tablets: Photoshop Express for Android and Tablet Smartphones, with identical interfaces. Photoshop Express can be downloaded on Google play for free.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop express as you use it

It is a very simple app to use, useful for standard retouching, correction, and image sharing. It has a very simple, clear interface, and is a good free alternative to the default options offered by both Android and iOS.

Photographic functionalities ranging from the classic solutions of color adjustment, saturation, brightness, lights and shadows to curves adjustment and color replacement. Among the selection tools we find the magic wand, the lasso, the best edge option, the selection reversal and the clone stamp.

Furthermore, Photoshop Express offers the possibility of creating layers, adjusting their opacity and choosing fusion methods, again with the help of a very clear interface. Alongside these tools, there is also room for the traditional pre-defined adjustable filters, and the classic options for resizing, cropping, even if the latter could be more accurate, rotation and perspective correction.

The Adobe app supports raw photos, you can import and edit images in raw format.

You can share on all your favorite social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. If you access the Premium features when you sign in with an Adobe ID, you can get Filters or Looks and another 20 filters to create new and fun effects. Photoshop Express helps reduce digital noise, graininess and stains in night-time photos or taken in low-light conditions.

How to upload photos

To upload photos to the Photoshop Express app, press the center icon in the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen. You can choose to upload photos from the gallery by clicking on photo library, take a photo with the camera, create an empty document where you can indicate the size, or upload data from Creative Cloud, the Storage service connected to your Adobe account that offers 2 GB of free space.

Learn finger gestures

Once you’ve uploaded the photo to the Adobe app, learn how to move your fingers. Pinching the screen enlarges or reduces the display. Touching, not crawling, the screen with three fingers concentrates the image enlarged to 100%. Dragging with two fingers moves the photo on the screen. With the touch and drag of a finger the selected command is applied. The app is sensitive to the rotation of the screen to offer more work space in the horizontal orientation.

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