The best accessories for Thunderbird that work with Thunderbird 60

After a long number of years in which Thunderbird was a second-class citizen for Mozilla and we constantly heard rumors about its abandonment, the project was finally developed independently just a year ago.

And now, after another long wait, the emblematic email client has received a major renovation with the launch of Thunderbird 60, which we could very well call Thunderbird Quantum because it uses the same technologies as the new Firefox. But like the latter, Thuderbird will start working with WebExtensions, and version 60 is only compatible with add-ons that specifically point to it.

That’s why you may find that a significant number of add-ons do not work with Thunderbird now, but in the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of just over a dozen extensions compatible with Thunderbird 60 that enhance your experience.

Thunderbird Conversations

Despite the great update, Thuderbird still does not nest the emails in conversations. This add-on adds just that, groups the messages together so you can respond within them and significantly improve the workflow, especially if you’re more used to webmail.


Enigmail is an indispensable for those who care about privacy, it is a simple add-on that adds encryption and authentication of messages through OpenPGP, and does so automatically.

Send Later

Send Later adds the function that indicates just your name: send later. Although Thunderbird has a function to send emails later, all it does is add the email to the outbox when you press CTRL + Shift + Enter.

With this extension instead of having to send the mails manually in the output tray, a pop-up menu will appear for you to program exactly when the email should be sent, it is also activated with the same keyboard shortcut.


QuickFolders is a fairly simple but powerful add-on, what it does is add an additional toolbar in Thunderbird, so you can convert your favorite folders into tabs so you do not have to scroll or search.

Attach from Clipboard

Attatch from Clipboard is another extremely simple but useful add-on. All it does is add the option to attach content to an email directly from the clipboard. It works with images, files copied from the browser, HTML from the browser, text, and URLs.

Mail Merge

Mail Merge is the ideal complement for those who send mass emails, but want to personalize each email according to the recipient. On the page of the add-on there are detailed instructions of all the variables that you can implement to personalize messages without having to send one by one.

XNote ++

XNote ++ is a complement that can come well to the forgetful, what it does is add persistent notes that you can associate directly with each email. You only have to press the new note button every time you pass over an email to show or hide the digital post-it.

Contact Tabs

Contact Tas is perfect for improving contact management in Thunderbird. Add a new search field to find your contacts, view them in a new tab and edit them.

Provider for Google Calendar

Now that Thunderbird integrates a default calendar perhaps there is even more reason to synchronize it with your Google calendar. And, that’s exactly what the Provider for Google Calendar add-on does.

Just install it and add a new calendar, select Network and sign in with your Google account. It also synchronizes your notes.

Mail Redirect

Mail Redirect has a single function and that is to allow you to bounce one or more emails to other recipients.

Signature Switch

Signature Switch allows you to add a default signature to an email, but the nice thing is that you can choose from several directly from a button in the toolbar. You just have to save a set and that’s it. You can even change signatures for yourself depending on who you send the mail to.

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