SecurVip: A pool of solutions for the security of things, home and people

We need security! A research says it very clearly, according to which one Italian out of two declares to adopt preventive measures for the protection of the physical safety of their loved ones, for the security of the house and its devices.

Yes, because the fears are many and range from domestic accidents such as gas leaks (83.9%) or hydraulic failures (79.0%) up to home security, with great attention to burglar alarms or video surveillance (87.1% ) or systems able to take care of people’s safety (83.7%).

SecurVip: The start-up

Many questions and an answer. SecurVip, a start-up born in March 2016 that has developed an interesting pool of solutions for the protection of things (home, car, motorcycle) and people. A system that is easy to install, customizable, simple to manage and dedicated to the consumer market.

Technically, the system consists of a control unit containing a data Sim to be connected to the power socket, a constellation of devices for every need (sensors, sirens, trackers and much more) and from a smartphone app.


Strong point, the pay-per-use payment of the SecurVip package: the solution can be modulated according to the needs of the user who can choose the mode and the period of coverage, without having to pay the mandatory monthly fees. With your smartphone using the SecurVip App the user can in fact request the activation of the security service only for the days of actual use, paying for the assistance of the Control Center (from 7 to 12 euros a week) without incur expenses when the service is not active. By activating the control service two weekends a month, you can save up to 80% compared to competing proposals on the market.

SecurVip: No subscription obligation

Let’s take a look at some example of a purchasable package: SecurVip One does not require any subscription and allows 7 days of choice or multiple coverage. SecurVip Smart offers a 12-month subscription where you can choose 1-day or multiple slots. SecurVip Elite offers a 12 month subscription 24 hours a day.

To this the customer can add the presence in the service of the 24-hour operative center with different prices depending on the packages purchased and the days of use, allowing him to always be aware of what is happening or to request intervention in the event of emergency.

The home kit (safety and security) is composed of a complete control and protection system that makes it possible to secure the home environments with ease and without technical interventions. Once installed by the user in just a few simple steps, the solution can be managed and controlled remotely via the SecurVip app – available for iOS and Android.

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