5 best apps to fulfill your purposes for 2019

It’s over. Just a days ago we left behind the year 2018, with its good and bad things, and we have welcomed the 2019. As usual, with the coming of this New Year many we propose some other goal than in most of occasions we do not come to fulfill. In this article you will get 5 best apps to fulfill everything you propose during this 2019.

Do you want to get your goals once and for all this year that has just begun? We bring you 5 best apps to fulfill everything you propose during this 2019 that promises much more than you think.


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Loop is a simple application designed for a single purpose: to make a habit of what you propose. On the main page, no distractions, only your objectives and the last days in which you have fulfilled them.

If you select one of your objectives you will find data such as the strength of the habit, a record of all the days in which you have met, gusts and even a frequency chart. In addition, you can set reminders with personalized questions so you do not forget what you want to achieve.


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The first thing you should do is choose from a series of categories the one that best suits your objectives. Customize your purposes to the maximum by adding a name, a color and even a description.

Set the frequency with which you want to carry them out and start giving everything. You can check your progress to know if you are fulfilling everything you have proposed and add reminders so you do not miss any day.


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Choose from a variety of different categories to find the ones that best suit those purposes you want to meet during this year 2019. Set the habit frequency and the days and times that are best for Goalmap to remind you.

Of course, you can keep track of all your goals to see which ones are going as you wish. Check all your progress and move on with the motivating messages that Goalmap will show you in the form of a notification.

Google Calendar

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Yes, Google Calendar can also help you meet your goals for the New Year. All you have to do is go to the Objective section and choose between one of the different categories: Sport, Learn something new, Family and friends, Time for me or Organize my time.

You can select the frequency with which you want to carry out the habit and the most appropriate times of the day so that the Google calendar is responsible for finding time in your agenda. You already have a planning for the whole year, now you just have to fulfill it.

Quitzilla: Abandons bad habits

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We are talking about an application a little different from the previous ones. Quitzilla is not designed to help you to fulfill habits, but to stop carrying out those that are harmful. Do you want to leave junk food? You want to quit smoking? This is your application.

Quitzilla will help you to know the time you have without falling into temptation, in addition to showing motivating phrases. You can achieve achievements and know data such as the maximum time of abstinence, the money spent on those bad habits … etc. You can also set your own rewards to motivate yourself.

Getting a task to become a habit is not easy, but with these applications you will have one more help to achieve it.

In the end, in this New Year we wish you will fulfill your goals with these 5 best apps to fulfill everything you propose during this 2019. Finally, 2019 will be the year in which you fulfill all those purposes that you have left behind.

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