Six Android apps to help you choose your next tattoo

It is clear that Google Play today has applications for almost everything. Leaving aside the most absurd, we can find from applications for coffee lovers to those who will help you to spend a joke on someone, going through those proposals aimed at turning your phone into a karaoke.

Among such a multitude of apps, there are some that you can come well if you have decided to create art on your skin, or in other words, get a tattoo. Some allow you to design them, while others give you recommendations; and there are some that offer you the possibility of getting an idea of how you will stay. Let’s review a few.

Tattoo master

Tattoo apps

This application allows you to color different drawings directly on a photo of yourself, so you can check what the final result would be like on your own body. Once finished, it is possible to save the image and share it with friends and family to request a second opinion.

The application offers you eighty different images, but you can unlock more by paying for them or as you progress through the game. Yes, you read correctly: it’s really a game. The download is free, but includes ads and purchases within the app.

Tattoodo: Find your next tattoo

Tattoodo puts at your disposal a global community of tattoo lovers where you can find a huge collection of designs organized by categories: neo-traditional, tribal, black and gray, watercolors, minimalism, abstract, new school, realism, Japanese, geometric and ornamental, among others.

In addition, it has thousands of artists registered in the application and puts you in contact with a multitude of tattoo establishments; in fact, it boasts having 20 million monthly users. It also allows you to upload and share your own tattoos, or save your favorite designs. The download is free, but includes purchases within the app.

How to Draw Tattoos

Tattoo android apps

How to Draw Tattoos is a free application to learn how to draw tattoos very easily. You just have to take a paper and a pencil, choose the tattoo that you like and follow the instructions step by step.

It includes numerous tattoos classified by levels of difficulty, so it is also useful for children to learn to draw while having fun. Behind this application is Sweefit Studios, which also offers apps to learn how to make graffiti or Kawaii drawings. All are free but contain ads.

INKHUNTER – Try tattoo designs

It is probably one of the most polar apps of its kind: it has more than one million downloads and an average rating of 4.6 / 5. Its secret is that it uses the Augmented Reality so that you can see how a tattoo will remain in any part of your body.

To do this, simply select a design from your gallery or your own, point your camera at the body part you want to tattoo and you can see how it looks from different angles. Do not like the result? Nothing happens, it is possible to edit it in real time and, when you are happy, take a photo to share it on social networks. The download is free, but includes ads.

+3500 Tattoo Designs

Tattoo android apps

If you lack inspiration and need ideas, this application can come well. As its name suggests, it includes a collection with more than 3,500 designs of tattoos organized in a multitude of categories: for men, for women, children, dragons, flowers, henna, dream catchers, letters and a long etcetera.

It’s simple navigation and wide range of ideas has led to more than one million downloads on Google Play. It is compatible with Android devices as of version 4.1 and includes ads within the app.

Photo tattoo simulator

Tattoo android apps

Here we have another application for the simulation of tattoos in your photos in order that you can try new designs or imagine how your body would be covered with drawings. Although it includes several pre-selected tattoos (tribal, animals or symbols), it also allows you to write any text with various font styles so you can create your own.

In addition, it supports the loading of images of tattoos downloaded from the Internet (in case you have already found an idea that you like) to test them on a photo of you. And, of course, you can save the resulting image. The download is free, but it contains ads and offers purchases within the application.

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