Setting up your family calendar in Google Calendar

The Google Play family group no longer only serves to share the applications, games and movies that we have bought with up to five relatives, now also serves to share our photos, videos, events and notes with our family in a much simpler and faster way.

After several days of waiting, the integration of the family with Google Calendar is already here. From now on, we have a new family calendar to share our events with our family.

Google Calendar

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Create a family group

To enjoy this family calendar Google Calendar first of all is to be registered in a family group. To do this we just have to create a family collection from the Play Store app> Account> Family and add a total of six members. Important: We can only change family groups every 12 months. We can also ask a family member to add us to their family group if we do not want to be the administrators.

Your family calendar

Once we are in a family group, the Google Calendar application will create the Family calendar so that members can share their events and plans with their family there. In this way, we can know that each family member will make such a day and better organize family events.

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Share on your family calendar

To share an event with your family, you only have to select the “Family” calendar when creating the event. Once the event is created, any member of our family group will see our event on their calendar.

Set up your family calendar

From Settings> Family we can configure the synchronization, color, notifications and members of our family calendar. To hide the family calendar, simply open the application navigation panel and uncheck the “Family” calendar.

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