11 applications to read books on your Android smartphone or tablet

Google Play has millions of applications of all kinds, even within those intended for entertainment we can find virtually everything. In a time when mobile phones are an essential element, we have been in almost our entire life, so it is fair to adapt, as far as possible, our lifelong entertainment to new technologies.

One of the most traditional forms of entertainment is reading, and in these times we can put our favorite titles on mobile phones. With this in mind, we will recommend 11 applications so you can read your books wherever you are from your Android smartphone or tablet.


applications to read books

Probably this application does not need any presentation, is included in the popular Amazon Kindle tablets and, of course, can be installed on any Android device. It has a huge book store among which you will find a few free, in case you cannot disburse money at that time.

Google Play Books

applications to read books

Another application that does not need much explanation of what is going on and that is already installed base on most Android smartphones is Google Play Books. In this store, as in the case of Kindle, you will find both free and paid books and, of course, read them in the application itself.

Aldiko Book Reader

applications to read books

Aldiko Book Reader is an application in which you can read a large number of books in different languages (including Spanish) and which supports PDF and EPUB formats, among others. One of the most useful functions is that it is able to memorize where you have stayed so you can continue at another time. There is a paid version that costs 5.49 euros and includes some additional features.

Moon + Reader

applications to read books

Moon + Reader is an application that allows you to read a large number of books for free and that supports several of the most popular formats, such as pdf, EPUB or txt, among others. Some of the functions of this application is to be able to select part of the text, use the night mode to take care of your eyes or adjust the brightness by dragging your finger along the left edge of the screen.

Bookari Ebook Reader

applications to read books

Bookari is another application that allows you to read books on your Android device and that supports the most popular formats, such as EPUB2 or pdf. This application focuses, above all, on facilitating the organization of your library allowing you to tag them, qualify them at your whim or group the books you want in personal collections.

Kobo Books

applications to read books

Kobo Books boasts of being an application that has more than 5 million titles, some of which are free so you can enjoy reading without scratching your pocket. It is capable of supporting several languages, among which is Spanish, and allows you to make ratings and reviews of those books you have read.

Full Reader

applications to read books

FReader is an application that, in addition to meeting the standards of these applications to support the most common formats, focuses on personalization so that the user can make the app more his own. In addition to being able to personalize fonts and themes, it has a built-in translator of five languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English, French and German).

eBoox: epub book reader

applications to read books

eBoox is a very simple book reader but without advertising or distractions. It has autorotation, to be able to turn the pages with the volume and text buttons in two columns. Compatible with fb2, epub and mobi. Fast, comfortable and intuitive.


applications to read books

Like the rest of the applications in this list, FBReader supports several of the most common formats, such as ePub, fb2 or Kindle azw3. This application allows you to synchronize both your library and the place where you have stayed so you can continue later.


applications to read books

Wattpad is a well-known application in which you can read books quietly, but with the peculiarity that you can download texts written by other famous people (not necessarily writers) and read offline. It is one of the best options if you are looking to read a bit of everything.


applications to read books

We will finish the selection with ReadEra, a complete book reader totally free and without advertising. It is similar to eReader Prestige but it stays more updated and without ads. Compatible with formats such as EPUB, PDF, DOC, RTF, TXT, DJVU, FB2, MOBI and with a design of the cleanest and most pleasant.

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