F4 in Excel for Mac: A Beginner’s Guide to Repeating Values

Excel for Mac has many features that are similar to Excel for Windows. However, it also has some differences that can make your work easier or more difficult. In this article, we’ll cover one of those differences: how to repeat values in Excel for Mac spreadsheets. We’ll explore how F4 works on both platforms and how to use it effectively so you can get the most out of your data! You can use the F4 key with repeating values in Excel for Mac.

Repeating values are helpful in repeating text or numbers and other types of information like dates and times. They’re also beneficial when you have a lot of information that needs to be repeated in your worksheets or tables, such as an address list or a shopping list.

Repeating Values in Excel for Mac

Repeating values appear in a column, row, or cell multiple times. The number of times a value appears is determined by the formula used to create it:

  • If you have an array formula, then all your values will be repeated once each time they’re used in your array. You can also use formulas like =A1&B2&C3&D4 if you want to add “AND” logic to your repeating formulas. For example: =A1&B2+C3+D4
  • Suppose there isn’t an array formula but a single cell reference with no brackets around it (like A1). In that case, Excel will repeat this value as often as necessary so long as cells contain any part of this string (e.g., “ABCDE”).

Understanding the F4 Key

In Excel for Mac, the F4 key is used to repeat values. When you type data into a cell in Excel, you may want to repeat that data across multiple cells or rows. Using the F4 key allows you to quickly and easily do this by pressing F4 once for each row or column that needs to be repeated. This will save you time when entering large amounts of data.

Using F4 to Repeat Cells

You can use the F4 key to repeat cells. Hold the F4 key and click on the cell you wish to repeat. You will see a small X appear in front of the selected cell.

You can also use this feature for formulas or values in Excel for Mac:

  • To repeat a procedure, highlight it and press F4 again. The procedure will be repeated as often as necessary until no more rows are selected in your workbook (or worksheet).
  • To repeat a value, highlight it and press F4 again. The deal will be repeated as often as necessary until no more columns are selected in your workbook (or worksheet).

Selecting an Option from the Context Menu

To use F4, select the cell with the repeating values and press f4. This will bring up the context menu. Select an option from that menu to do whatever you want, such as insert text or format a specific part of your sheet.


The F4 key helps repeat cells in Excel for Mac. It’s a great way to save time by entering data once and letting it repeat in other cells.

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