6 ways you can use social media to promote an upcoming business conference

The success of any event is not just determined by the content in it but also by the number of people present. No matter how good your speakers are and how well you have put together the conference, was it even a success if there was no one to appreciate it?

social media to promote

You must have a good marketing strategy to ensure a large attendance at your conference and enough people are talking about it. It is why you should incorporate social media marketing into it.

While social media was previously associated with leisure and personal use, it is now one of the most used marketing tools. Its cost-effectiveness and extensive reach make it one of the best tools. So here are six things you must remember when using social media to promote your upcoming business conference.

How to use social media marketing?

1.     Use all platforms available

Numerous social media platforms are available, and each can be used to promote your conference in various ways. Each forum has a different audience, so using multiple platforms can allow you to reach larger audiences.

If you wish to target an older audience or conduct polls and get in touch with the participants, platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are the way to go. If you wish to post photographs and posters, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are good tools.

If the content you have created is short but catchy videos, you can post them on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or Snapchat. These also have a relatively younger audience, so that they will show your content to a different demographic from other platforms. Ensure that there is a Registration link present in the bio of each page and under each post.

2.     Create interesting and versatile content

One of the essential parts of social media marketing is starting promotions early on and posting relevant content regularly. But you must ensure that all your content is engaging, eye-catching, and professional.

The first thing you should post is an attention-grabbing corporate graphic poster with the details of the conference. It should be pinned to all your accounts and done exceptionally well, as it will set the tone for the meeting. It should also convey all the details of the conference.

Once that is posted, you can start posting other content, like pictures from events or previous conferences. You can also publish short interviews of the people involved in putting together the meeting so that people feel like they know your company better and show that you appreciate their work.

Just make sure the content varies but is always professional. You should post regularly but not too much, as that will make people lose interest.

3.     Don’t forget email marketing

Email marketing is often overlooked, but it is one of the most effective marketing tools. It allows you to send out personalized messages and invites, which are more likely to be opened and responded to.

You can create a specific email conference poster that displays your key speakers and the conference’s date, time, and location. It also includes a “Register Now” button redirecting them to the registration website.

4.     Create your hashtag

Having a hashtag is an absolute must when promoting any event. It allows you to compile all your promotions under one heading and shows all other posts alongside the hashtag. Create a short and simple hashtag for the conference and use it across all platforms.

You should ensure that everything you post contains that hashtag and encourage people who attend the conference to use the hashtag too. You can also repost their photos, encouraging more people to use your hashtag.

5.     Take people behind-the-scenes

Everyone loves behind-the-scenes content as it shows them the hard work of making an event happen. You can create short videos and teasers of what the venue looks like and what to expect from the conference. You can also post videos of how the guest speakers prepare ahead of the big event and give people a little insight into their process.

6.     Get your sponsors involved

Sponsors of conferences are often big names from the same industry. It can help if you get them involved in your marketing strategy. They will usually have more followers, so getting them to repost your conference posters and advertisements will bring more eyes to the event.

They will also appreciate the effort you put into the marketing as they are part of the event, so it’s a win-win situation for both.


Social media marketing produces good results, which is why most corporations now use it for promotions. To ensure your conference gets the attention it deserves, you should use these tried and tested methods to create a buzz about it. You need to create exciting and professional content and watch as your hard work pays off.

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