Common Ear Problems that Most People Experience

Ear Pain and Popping When Travelling – Something that many people have trouble with is the effects of flying on the ears. As nice as it is to go abroad on holiday, for some, the problem can put them off from travelling by air.

Some people do suffer worse than others from the popping of the ears during flight, however there are many ways to deal with it. Yawning, sucking a sweet and using special ear plugs that are designed for air travel can all help.

If you are congested when you fly, it can also help to take a decongestant before you fly.

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Ears Ringing from Loud Noises – Another activity that can cause problems for hearing is going to a concert or a festival. Loud music can cause the hairs inside the ear to vibrate, and this can continue after the music has stopped. This is what causes tinnitus, and although it is usually temporary, it can also last a lot longer if you have prolonged exposure to loud volumes. Earplugs that can be used for concerts help to protect your hearing.

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Excessive Wax Build Up – Although ear wax helps our ears to stay clean, when excessive amounts of it build up it can be a problem. Going to someone like this ear wax removal specialist is the safest and easiest way to get rid of excessive earwax.

There are a range of causes of wax build up, from narrow ear tubes to poking objects into the ears.

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