Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment?

A solar panel is a cell that converts the sun’s energy into a usable source of electricity. These cells or panels are installed onto the roofs of homes and are perfectly effective in the UK climate.
The number of households installing solar panels is the highest it has been for 7 years, with households choosing to guard their finances against the spiralling and unpredictable nature of energy costs.

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There are many advantages to installation, both financially and ethically. Many households are openly considering the advantages and opting to make the leap into sustainability.

Advantages of Solar Panels

Solar panels add value to your home. The average value is increased by £11,500, whilst the cost of installation averages at around £5,900.

The acquisition and Installation of solar panels is now cheaper than ever, with some companies offering easy financing options.

With energy prices now being higher than ever, there has never been a better time to capitalise on the ability to save money on energy.

The average home uses 2,700kWh of energy, and with the capacity for solar panels to produce around 3,180kWh, households can make a profit and sell the excess energy back to the grid under the government’s SEG scheme.

Solar Panel Specialists

A solar panel installation specialist such as GSM, for example, can provide personalised advice on how many panels would be required based on usage and how much energy a household can expect to generate. They can also assist with various roof fixing options.

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The installation of solar panels Cheltenham, Cardiff or Aberdeen not only provides households with an opportunity to save money on their bills, but also results in reduced carbon emissions, decreased reliability on the grid, and a more sustainable lifestyle that serves our planet well.

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