5 best Moodle alternatives for online training

Online learning is expanding the possibilities of knowledge absorption to any human being with Internet access and LMS (Learning Management System) platforms or learning management systems are becoming an essential ally in the training of millions in all the world.5 alternatives to MOODLE for online training.

From the search for a simple workshop to learn how to make a video from the mobile to complex courses on web analytics, Big data, programming, among others, they can be found in dozens of LMS platforms on the web, some commercial in which you must pay to have access and others anchored in open source so that you can enjoy them for free.

And it is that unless you need something more complex in digital structure to upload a course or you decide to receive a certification of the course you took, the options are wide and, many of them, totally free.

In this article we are going to explore five LMS platforms out of the dozens that exist, leaving aside MOODLE, one of the best known today. These are 5 alternatives to MOODLE that can help you create your online training platform:


The online course platform was developed in Spain and specializes in training entrepreneurs in the digital economy. It offers free, easy-to-use, intuitive courses and works in modules with assessments that measure progress in learning. In addition, it allows users to obtain a diploma of approval by the University of Alicante for several of its courses, as well as diplomas with stamps from other organizations. UniMooc is also a valuable training  option for Institutions since it also offers the LMS platform service where companies, universities, and all kinds of institutions that require this service can create and manage their courses.5 alternatives to MOODLE for online training 3

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EdmodoMoodle alternatives

It is an ally for colleges, schools, and teachers, helping them in offering distance learning or education programs. The LMS platform allows building a collaborative network between institutions and thus contributing the best practices of each one of them. In addition, each school can interact with students and parents in the community to create a broad learning space. The system integrates with Google Apps for Education and Microsoft OneNote & Office and users can access it from the LMS platform without having to switch applications. With Edmodo, users can also combine tools, games, and applications, as well as their original materials.

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The LMS platform has earned a space among users for its reliability. Anchored in the cloud, Canvas allows educators and students a greater level of personalization and has a series of tools, among which notifications, messaging, collaboration, and web conferencing standout, that offer a range of options to users and that are ideal for the companies.


Created by several of the most prestigious universities in the United States, the LMS platform manages a series of solutions that allow users of courses and online learning to create tests, quizzes, assignments, announcements, calendars, grade books, among others, making the experience more efficient and extending it outside the classrooms.


Manage modules and has a mobile option that allows users to quickly design, upload and distribute their course materials to students anywhere in the world. The LMS platform runs analytics and identifies skills to develop materials on various topics.

In addition to these LMS platforms, there are dozens of others, both paid and free, that offer knowledge to millions and that also seek to conquer Universities and Institutes, among others, with their projects, to use their online learning platforms.

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