How to get tinder gold for free

So you got fed up with the standard version and now you want to get the paid version of Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus completely free. But can it be done?

Tinder is a dating app that has been very successful, not for being the most complete. Or the one with the most features, but for having the most users.

As you may already know, this one has a basic free version and other premium payment options. Known as Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. With the paid options you can access a myriad of tools that will help you be successful in dating.

For some time now, several Tinder users have been interested in getting Tinder Plus for free, as well as the coveted Tinder Gold without having to pay absolutely anything, and thus, using all those payment features and functionalities that Tinder offers on Android, iPhone, and even PC and who sadly doesn’t have the free basic Tinder.

Basically, they have a better chance of meeting people and being able to like unlimited likes like a real madman.

Well, in practical words we want to clarify and definitively resolve this false myth of having Tinder Gold and Plus free without paying.

Is it possible to get Tinder Gold for free?How to get tinder gold for free

The question everyone wants to solve is how to get Tinder Gold for free? To date, there is no type of service, application, program, or similar that allows one way or another to get Tinder Gold for free.

The payment functions are reserved exclusively for those who are willing to pay the requested amount. If you’ve read on the internet that there are ways to get Tinder Gold for free, be careful what you open or download as it can damage your phone or pc.

I know there are several sites that offer completely free access. But the truth behind these hacked Tinder accounts and apps are scams and scams.

You have to be very careful if you decide to download a hacked Tinder apk. You could end up with your mobile or computer full of viruses. And in the worst cases with your bank account completely emptied.

Behind the scenes of Tinder, there is a professional technical team trained to provide a safe and efficient service to its users, as well as a service that protects the privacy of its users and, for this reason, it is illogical for them to delegate service to third parties. specific to, therefore, to develop a service that violates these natural and essential conditions which are set forth in Tinder’s policies and conditions.

Tinder is a geosocial application for meeting people and offers a free basic service but also a paid service (Tinder Plus and Gold) that allows them to have a legitimate advantage and, therefore, anything that could harm Tinder will be subject to probable legal actions they deem appropriate.

On the other hand, if there were an expert with great computer knowledge who can evade the security of Tinder. He would certainly act very discretely and would not openly offer a specific solution or a Tinder trick. Because he would risk being located and exposed to more of some problem with Tinder.

Tips for getting discounts on Tinder Gold and PlusHow to get tinder gold for free

Regardless of what was mentioned earlier in this article. It can be very helpful to know where to get discounts for the premium versions of Tinder. Well, the best way to get a discount is:

Using Tinder for a few days in its free version. This way, Tinder will end up sending you some promotions to try and move to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

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