Choosing Head and Block Resurfacing Equipment

If you do engine work, you probably need to be able to surface heads and blocks, because the deck surfaces on high mileage blocks and heads can become corroded, pitted, and scratched. To effectively perform surfacing work, you will need to acquire the right kind of equipment.

Equipment Options

Your main options are to purchase or lease a dedicated head surfacer machine or acquire a multi-purpose CNC machining center that surfaces, drills, bores, taps and chamfers. A multi-purpose machine can save space because you will not need to buy separate machines for the tasks it can perform. It can also save time because you will not have to switch machines to perform multiple tasks. However, a multi-purpose machine is usually significantly more expensive than a dedicated surfacer. Additionally, your multi-purpose machine can only do one job at a time. If you need your employees to be able to work on different tasks at the same time, separate dedicated machines may be the way to go.

New Equipment Versus Used

A used surfacer will usually cost you significantly less money than a new one. However, it can sometimes be difficult to assess the true condition of the equipment. Used equipment in poor condition may break down frequently or produce poor quality work. It can also be more difficult to find replacement parts for older equipment.

Features To Look For

Look for a machine that was designed specifically for surfacing automotive blocks, rather than a machine constructed for general purpose grinding or industrial use. Make sure it has sufficient horsepower for your needs. It needs to be large enough to accommodate light truck and automotive blocks and heads. If you will be working on heavy-duty diesel heads, you may need an extra-large capacity machine.

Head and block surfacing equipment is vital for any shop that does engine work. Choosing the best machinery for your operation can save you money and increase productivity.

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