Three emerging technologies that will impact the criminal justice system

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, and this impacts every area of society including the criminal justice system. There are a few pieces of emerging criminal justice technology that will completely change the way that criminals are caught and incarcerated.

These technologies cover three areas; preventing crime, improving the information that leads to arrests, and reducing racial inequality within the justice system.

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Here are three of the main technologies that will impact the criminal justice system.

Electronic monitoring

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, technological advances can now complete a series of different tasks, from ordering groceries from the store to performing complicated surgery. Another thing that technology can now do is monitor criminals to the extent that they may not need to be incarcerated. This could vastly reduce the amount of money that is spent on prison detention. The prisoners would be heavily monitored at home using cameras, GPS monitoring, audio recording and blood-alcohol content monitors.

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Prediction algorithms

Prediction algorithms may be used to determine whether or not an arrestee should be detained pre-trial using their past criminal history. Another form of prediction algorithms is facial recognition software on a body camera that is worn by police officers, as this could be used to identify people with outstanding warrants.

This could reduce the amount of time that it takes to catch and convict criminals, and it could also reduce the number of false arrests that occur, saving police and civilian time. It could also minimise the chance of racial inequality, something that is still an issue within the criminal justice system.

Sensor technologies to find out more about criminal behaviour

Sensor technology can be used to study crime and criminal behaviour. One of the biggest challenges within the criminal justice system is that the police only know about a crime if it is reported to them, and reoffenders are only incarcerated if they are caught reoffending. One form of sensor technology is gunshot sensors, which can detect the sound of gunfire even if human ears can’t, and they can triangulate the exact location of the gunshot. This would make it much easier for the police to catch criminals, even if no one saw the crime.

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