Top 10 iPhone games to best deal with Coronavirus quarantine

We instead offer you a list of the top 10 iPhone games (free and not) downloadable from the App Store to spend a few hours of fun during imprisonment. In this list there will not only be world-famous games, but also iPhone games that we have found really interesting even for those who, outside the quarantine, would probably not consider spending time playing on their iPhone or on your iPad.

1. Clash Royale

Impossible not to know this Supercell game. Years go by but he always stays there, at the top of the charts. A free, exciting, multiplayer game, with quick games, suitable for those who want to play without too many beats, with very simple game mechanics. Battles 1v1 and 2v2, arenas with towers, reward chests, everything is there. For me he is still the top. Of course, additional packages and game items are available to ‘speed up’ the user experience, but if you want, you can play safely without spending a penny.

2. Monopoly

Thing? Monopoly an iPhone game? Well yes, in this game you will be able to relive 100% of the original famous board game, but in a wonderful city animated in 3D and with different modes! Single player, offline multiplayer to play on the same device with your family during the quarantine, and online multiplayer to play a real online game. Keep reading how to tame foxes in minecraft.

3. City Names – Stop

Another game that is getting very successful these days on the App Store is City Names! Very fun turn-based game where you can play against your Facebook friends, win medals and pass levels. The game itself has a nice graphical interface and it’s free!

4. Brain Out

Do you want a brain teaser puzzle game? Brain Out is here for you! Lots of quizzes to test you, riddles and puzzles. Simple but intuitive and cute interface, the game is free!

5. Geometry Dash

For years I have been in love with this game, it transports you completely. Lots of levels and lots of music, well-built and very colorful graphics. Lots of customization and possibilities to create your own levels. A game that truly deserves. Beat the levels to the beat of music and unlock new icons and colors!

6. Assasin’s Creed Identity

Do you want a role-playing game in which to throw yourself headlong? It is the best. Ridiculous price for what it offers. At a cost you have spectacular graphics, and a beautiful compelling story. Create, enhance and customize your character. Lots of missions, a crazy graphic engine, and real and well-made maps, such as the Santa Croce in Florence and the Colosseum in Rome. One of the most popular series of all time … you still don’t feel like it?!

7. Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo has produced an excellent game, highly appreciated on the Store, with simply excellent graphics, special challenges, and many collectibles and of course the multiplayer! Tracks really well made, a bit heavy game, but free! Another must to try (or better try again) if you are a fan of the Mario saga.

8. RAID: Shadow Legends

Their well-kept advertisements will surely have happened to you on social media. This role-playing game is really well built, after the first suboptimal releases, they have been able to fix this game and make it truly attractive. Equip your champions and go on a mission against bosses to kill. Obviously, you can collaborate with clans, and other players, earn loot, rare champions and much more. Different modes including PVP (Player vs Player) against other real players. Exceptional graphics and game available for free. Like all games in the genre, there is also the possibility to buy upgrades and passes.

9. Gardenscapes

Very famous game with levels, available for download for free. Pass the levels to continue in the history of this “garden”. Simple game mechanics, but well structured and with beautiful graphics. Hundreds of levels and many characters to interact with within the game. An excellent pastime,   not demanding.

10. Oceanhorn

This is a spectacular game, but it occupies the last position in the ranking (alas) for price.

Spectacular graphics and compelling storyline. A splendid adventure to live, in the islands and in the seas, with studied graphics, chilling soundtracks. And for those who fall in love there is also the second chapter available on Apple Arcade.

This was the top 10 games to better face quarantine at home! We have tried to insert titles suitable for any category of ‘player’ from the most nerdy to the one who uses it as entertainment for a few scraps of time and does not want to commit too much. We have deliberately excluded names such as Fortnite or PUBG, or Call of Duty from the list because we believe they are really heavy and niche titles, without obviously forgetting their great success also on the mobile side. If you have any advice, or games that you think deserve a place in this ranking, suggest it to us in the comments!

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