TrueCaller now allows you to record calls on Android

TrueCaller is one of the essential applications if you appreciate that of knowing who calls before picking up or not the phone. Thanks to its large community of users, with more than 250 million people, and its extensive database, it allows us to avoid spam calls or block certain types of communications.

In the in-depth analysis we did of the application we also discovered that TrueCaller goes one step further than a simple application to filter phone calls: phone number scanner, contact availability, sending flash messages … and now, also, call recording.


In its official blog, the TrueCaller application has announced the new feature, the always attractive possibility of making phone call recordings, although it must be pointed out that it is only available to premium customers.

Customers who have the Professional account activated on an Android phone will see this new option appear when they start or receive a call and can start recording a bit before establishing a conversation with any phone number.

The tool appears after a button that you have to press and swipe in the Caller ID window that the app shows us when we have established that TrueCaller is the one who handles calls to us and replaces the default application “Call”.

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Calls are stored locally and with them TrueCaller ensures that they do not receive a copy of the conversations to their servers at any time. In addition, the company ensures that the purpose of the recording is to “report harassment and fraudulent calls”, although each user is free to use it as they wish – always in accordance with the laws of each country.

What is the TrueCaller premium category?

Although most TrueCaller features are free, some extra options require that the client upload their account to a premium category (called Professional), which means they pay 17.99 dollars per year or a monthly subscription of 1.99 dollars.


The professional account also has a trial period during which you can try all its premium features without making any outlay. The trial period ends when it exceeds two weeks of its activation.

Among the benefits of the professional account is the disappearance of advertising throughout the application, the possibility of making requests for telephone numbers of up to 30 contacts through their names (with which that person receives a request through SMS or the same application, if you are a TrueCaller user) and the Pro logo to revalue your avatar.

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