The 7 best dating apps to find love

If you haven’t found love yet and looking for a soul mate seems like a lost challenge from the start, know that dating apps could represent the turning point of your love life.

It will be that society now lives in constant symbiosis with PCs and especially smartphones, but meeting new people seems easier on the internet than in everyday life.

Perhaps it is for this reason that, in the last 20 years, the free downloadable dating apps have multiplied visibly.

In this guide, we will find out which are the 7 best apps to meet new people online, with the hope of finally finding the love of your life.


The first dating app we will talk about is Meetic, one of the longest and most famous international level.

It is a dating service born in France in 2001 that within a few years of its launch on the market, has become very famous all over the world.

Together with Tinder, it is considered the dating app par excellence and in 2020, it holds the primacy as regards the number of active users.

Signing up for the Meetic app is really special because the data entry to create the account is requested in a singular way through the questions asked by a phantom Meetic consultant or coach.

Once the account has been created, you can start to provide it with all the information that concerns you and that you want to share.

In addition, unlike all the other most famous meeting sites, you can also outline the ideal partner’s teeth kit in a special section.

Like almost all apps for meeting people online, Meetic is also basically free, but some features are paid.

There are, in fact, subscription plans whose prices vary according to the duration of the subscription itself.

The biggest limitation regarding the free version of Meetic is the inability to send messages to users without a subscription.

In fact, users who use the app for free can contact without limit only those with an active subscription.


Another popular dating app in the world is Badoo, one of the dating apps that offer the most features in the free version compared to competitors.

In fact, with the free version of Badoo you can contact all the users you like without any limitation.

It is the dating site preferred by women, even if the percentage of male registered users is clearly greater.

One of Badoo’s greatest merits is the constant fight against fake profiles.

In fact, immediately after creating a new profile, users are required to send their own selfie by taking a position indicated by the app.

If you do not carry out this check, in some cases, access to the app will be limited or it will not be possible to send messages to all users.

In short, a lot of hat in Badoo that really tries to combat the incessant increase in fake profiles that make the use of the platform annoying for all active members.


Another popular international dating application is without a doubt Tinder.

This is the very first app that introduced the so-called matching game, in which you can evaluate the photos of other users registered on the site through a vote of approval or refusal.

After the introduction of the game by Tinder, to date almost all the apps to meet people on the internet have integrated it, Meetic and Badoo included.

In our country, Tinder is in third place among the most used dating apps perhaps because the two competitors that precede it in the ranking have tried, over the years, to update themselves and make changes even simply in the graphics or user experience.


Another slightly less famous dating app than the ones just mentioned is Lovoo.

As can already be seen from the name, Lovoo’s primary objective is to help its users find a soul mate.

The graphics of the app are captivating and its simple and intuitive use also includes all the features of the first three dating apps we have just talked about.

The reason why is in fourth place among the most used apps?

Probably for incisive advertising campaigns that do not have the rest of the Lovo brand so memorable and famous.


If you’ve never heard of Bumble and you’re a woman, read carefully.

It is a dating app created by the co-founder of Tinder in which only women can write first in a chat.

This particular mechanism aims to emancipate the woman and to eradicate the now retrograde conception that the man must always make the first move, even on the dating sites.

Another peculiarity concerns the times within which it is possible to reply to a message received in chat.

In fact, if you do not reply within 24 hours, the message is automatically deleted from the app.

So on Bumble you have to be quick and seize the moment at the right time.


If you’re looking for love, an app to meet new people to consider is Once.

Compared to all the other dating apps, Once offers you daily profiles with which, based on the information you have entered in your profile, you may be more compatible.

In short, a sort of marriage agency within reach of smartphones.


Finally, we mention a new application for lonely hearts which is called, not surprisingly, OkCupid.

Born in 2004, OkCupid is essentially a real social network for love encounters that allows you to find users compatible with your personality based on tests and questionnaires.

At the moment it is not yet very famous but I invite you to take a look because it is really interesting and innovative.

What all dating apps have in common?

The lowest common denominator that all dating apps have in common is the free applications.

Although then to use all the features, some provide paid subscriptions, in fact you can safely use them for free to meet new people.

Some may be simpler to use or graphically more appealing but, in fact, for better or for worse they all work the same way.

The advice, to increase the chances of actually finding love, is to download and use more than one.

Some tips for success on online dating apps

You don’t need to be Brad Pitt or Monica Bellucci to be successful on dating sites, just as it happens in real life every day.

What you need to focus on is to take advantage of all the tools available to you to better describe yourself and your interests.

In this regard, one of the most important tips to follow, regardless of the type of app you choose to use, is to complete your profile with photos and information about you.

In this sense, you will have one more chance of being contacted by people who perhaps have the same interests as you, which cannot happen during a live meeting.

Furthermore, providing as much data as possible about you will encourage much more stimulating conversation when you are contacted in chat.

In this regard, even when you want to contact another user for the first time, always check their profile to find interesting information to attack the button and break the ice in the right way.

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