3 apps to touch up photos and apply filters

Using the latest generation of smartphones and specific apps to retouch photos, the use of photo editing software and the computer is no longer needed. The editing and touch up photos can be done directly on the mobile device, do all the app, and they do it so well that he will not feel the lack of expensive programs to touch up photos.

The cameras of the latest Android Smartphone models have reached exceptional levels of technology and reliability, with excellent sensors mounted. Despite this, it is always necessary to intervene on the shot during post-production; there is always a need to retouch the photos.

There is no longer the need now to take the memory card and connect it to the computer to download the images and correct them with a specific software, now the Smartphones have the advantage of being so powerful that they already incorporate predefined photo editing modules into their systems.

Search on the Google play Store and download, for free or for a fee, a large number of apps to edit photos with very interesting features that can fix many flaws, delete or add items, create layers and much more.


touch up photos

The most popular photo editing app is Snapseed, which you can download for free, and with which you can apply filters and make the main corrections on the images that need them. To retouch all the photos taken with the Smartphone, Snapseed is an excellent free alternative to paid software.

The Snapseed app, developed by Nik Software, a well-known company in the Photoshop plugin industry, is now owned by Google and therefore landed on Android. Now let’s see how to use Snapseed on the Android system.

At the first start, Snapseed explains how its interface works. Once you have selected the tools to be applied, you must always slide your finger vertically to move in the specific menu. Moving the finger horizontally, on the other hand, calibrates the intensity of the effect.

Try it with the Tune Image command. Press your finger on the screen and scroll vertically, up and down. You can move between the various items dedicated to white balance, brightness, contrast and so on.

After the first selection in the menu, you can slide your finger horizontally to apply the effects calibration. You will see the reference number increase or decrease for its intensity, from 0 to 100. To cancel the change press on x, to confirm it on the tick icon.

Precise rotation: if you press on the Straighten item, which means to straighten, you can rotate the image so that you can make it straight. The rotation angle is indicated precisely at the bottom. The image will be cropped automatically to maintain the correct format after rotation.

TouchUp Lite

touch up photos

TouchUp Lite – Photo editor is the free version of this useful app to retouch photos, it allows you to save the modified images only at a resolution of 800 × 600 pixels. The paid Pro version, add some extra effects.

TouchUp Lite for Android is very simple to use, it runs on a horizontal screen. Among the best effects we find Blemishes, which removes the imperfections of the skin, then the classic Crop to cut out, Red Eye to remove the red-eye effect, the regulation of brightness, saturation and color, RGB channels.

A wide range of filters completes the TouchUp Lite set – Photo editor, an app recommended for an impromptu but effective photo editing.

With the TouchUp Lite app you can get the vignetting effect. A tweak distributes the brightness of the image so that it appears darker at the edges and more illuminated in the center. The strangest aspect is that vignetting is usually considered a defect caused by poor quality lenses, but if applied digitally as a direct effect, it serves to attract the eye to the center of the frame.

Adobe Photoshop Express

The guarantee of the Photoshop name, allows you to retouch photos with few operations and share them from your Smartphone. Many people use Adobe Photoshop Express, one of the best apps to retouch photos and apply filters with new tools, like the one that lets you create collages.

Photoshop Express is an App that you can download for free from the Google play Store with which you can retouch and improve your photos. In the new version, you will find advanced tools that allow you to automatically retouch the photos, you can take action on: contrast, color temperature and exposure.

You will have at your disposal tools that allow you to quickly and easily retouch such as: straightening, cropping and exposure correction. In the new version, you will find much improved effects and filters and creative edges. You can choose from many single-touch effects or move your finger across the display to crop and rotate an image or adjust its color to suit your preferences.

It is also possible to activate artistic filters such as Soft Focus or Sketch. Each adjustment can be canceled modified until a desired image is obtained. Photoshop Express has its own support site; the on-line support is vast, offering a retouching environment very similar to the mobile version and an organizer for managing images.

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