11 Android zombie games for you to spend a scary Halloween

Halloween is that time of year in which many people take to disguise with thematic of terror. This holiday is spreading throughout much of the world, including our mobiles in the form of games and applications. One of the many terrifying creatures that are seen by Halloween are the zombies, so next we will leave a list of 11 zombie games with which you can spend those free time while waiting for the candy entertaining.

Dead Trigger 2

One of the great classics zombie games on Android. In Dead Trigger 2 you have to kill zombies. It does not matter how, but kill them all. You can do it in missions, and even in the arena, and you can choose between countless weapons. If the only thing that interests you is to blow your brains to the zombies, this is one of the best titles you can find.


If in Dead Trigger you had to annihilate zombies, in Infectonator you have to convert the whole population into them. This title, which existed in flash version to play in browsers, allows you not only to turn people into zombies, but to invoke some based on famous characters (Michael Jackson, Jason Vorhees, Jigsaw …). The fact that it is made with Pixel Art graphics makes it quite nice and can run on any mobile.

Into the Dead 2

In Into the Dead 2 you have to save your family, and for that the only way is that you run between a bunch of hungry zombies dodging their bites and, if you have a gun, shooting at those who pose an immediate danger. Now you can also be accompanied by a dog that will attack some zombies, as if the legion of available weapons was not enough.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Your mission in zombie games Last Day on Earth is to survive both the zombies that lurk on all sides as well as the human enemies who want what much effort it has cost you to achieve. It is possible that, if you manage to build a good shelter, survive one more day.

Plants vs Zombies 2

A classic between classic zombie games, Plants vs Zombies 2 brings us back to the world in which plants can carry dead bodies. In this sequel you will find much more variety of plants, zombies and scenarios thanks to various trips through eras like the Egyptian. In addition, there will also be several game modes that are not just putting plants and waiting.

Stupid Zombies 3

In Stupid Zombies 3 all you have to do is aim well and shoot. Nobody moves there, neither the character nor the zombies (as much as some elements of the stage). You must try to kill as many undead as possible with the minimum number of bullets, making them bounce off walls and other obstacles.

Earn to Die 2

In Earn to Die 2 your goal is to annihilate zombies, but no shots, but running over them with your vehicle. Advance as much as you can, earn money and improve your vehicle or buy yourself a better one. Buy improvements so that zombie cars do not damage your vehicle so much or so that you can store more gasoline and go further, and do not leave anybody out there wandering.

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

We could not leave aside a title of The Walking Dead, one of the great classic zombie games for a few years. In this game you will have to recruit a team, train it and send them to do missions in which, of course, there will be zombies responding to the call of “the food is served”. You can travel through many of the series terrtorios to complete missions.


In Sonny you are the zombie, but not just anybody, but one who can talk and who does not like eating fresh brains. You should discover how you have arrived at that state by facing countless creatures, equipping yourself as best as possible and using wisely your skills. As in its flash version, you will have the help of Veradux, a faithful doctor in a suit of armor.

Zombie Highway 2

In Zombie Highway 2 we get behind the wheel of a vehicle to kill the zombies. On this occasion, in addition to running over the comecerebros, you must avoid vehicles. This time we have some 3D graphics that will make us see a little more closely the havoc we are causing on the road.

Walking Dead, Our World

It could be said that The Walking Dead Our World is Pokémon Go with zombies, but the truth is that this game based on the series based on the comic has its own personality. You must explore your world and eliminate the zombies with augmented reality, collect weapons and equipment, build shelters and compete in weekly challenges.

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