The Growing Popularity of the Multi-Generational Holiday

For almost two years families and friends were forced to remain in their own homes and not allowed to visit each other.  Holidays of any description were banned as the Covid Pandemic swept across the United Kingdom and the World, leaving a trail of death and devastation in its wake.  Now that this once deadly disease is under control with the continued use of a targeted vaccination programme, aimed at the elderly and the vulnerable, holidays are once again on the agenda.  The exponential growth in multi-generational holidays has been credited to the Covid Pandemic, whereas before families mainly holidayed separately, they are now travelling together.  Grandparents, Parents, children and grandchildren all making the most of spending quality time together.

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Travelling the United Kingdom, into Europe and beyond these multi-generational groups are ensuring precious memories are made before it’s too late.  Taking mobile phones that all have a Multi Network Sim Card inserted ensures they can remain in touch with each other at all times.  No matter how remote a destination, these clever, innovative Sim Cards allow the phones to automatically adapt to connect to the strongest Network Signal in the area. Purchased from a professional, reputable, experienced Communications expert such as Lister Communications you are guaranteed to get the best deal.

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There is a plethora of Travel Companies that now specialise in providing holidays for multi-generational groups and the growth in this bespoke industry is expected to continue to rise.

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