I Got a New Device – What to do With my Old One!!

As new Apple products emerge in the marketplace, their predecessors get thrown by the wayside. In the United Kingdom, there are several ways to recycle these older products. Whether you take advantage of the Give Back program, sell it locally, donate, or sell it online, there is method for you to recycle. Doing your research will educate you on what your options are and allow you to keep those secondhand devices out of the trash. You might not find value in them, but someone will.

The Give Back program allows you to send your device into them or bring it into your local store. You will either get a store gift card or, if your device is not eligible, they can recycle it for you. You can trade in smart phones, tablets, computers, watches, and other devices, like headphones and televisions. The Give Back program allows you to enter information about your device and find out instantly what it is worth. They will also provide directions to backup and wipe your data from the device. After that, you can either take the device into any UK Apple store or get a mail kit to send it to them. The trade-in value is based on how old the device is and the condition of the device. However, they will also give store credit for phones that are cracked or have broken buttons.

There are a number of companies and websites that will buy your old devices, or recycle those that have no further value. Some of these websites include:

  • O2recylcle.co.uk
  • Mazumamobile.com
  • Samsungrecycle.co.uk
  • Carphonewarehouse.com
  • Recycle.ee.co.uk
  • Mresell.macworld.co.uk
  • Iphonerecycling.co.uk

All of these websites will buy your device, mostly iPhones, by allowing you to enter your device information online and calculating a price. Since there are so many websites, it is advisable to check out a few to see who will give you the highest price. Each website may have different rules. For instance, some websites make you wait until they receive your phone and check it out to make sure it is in the condition you said it was.

By selling your device to one of the many websites available, you are, in essence, recycling your phone. They will refurbish the device and sell it to someone else. So, your phone is not ending up in a landfill somewhere. And sometimes, if your device has no value, the company will recycle it for free.

There are also ways to sell your phone locally. You can advertise it online and sell to someone near you. This can sometimes get you more money, but you need to be careful. Always meet the buyer or seller in a public place and try the device before finishing the transaction. Furthermore, you can sell online via places like eBay.

Sometimes, if your phone is not worth much, it may be a good thing to donate your device. This recycles your device to someone else. One such program is cellphonesforsoliers.com. This program accepts devices (usually smart phones) and gives them to soldiers. Another program is offered through the British Red Cross. They accept mobile phones, even if they are damaged or broken, and will recycle them for you. Oxfam.org.uk will accept phones and trade them in for cash so they can buy tools, school books, or even water tanks and seeds.

Whatever way you decide is best for you to get rid of your old phone, you need to know you have choices. You can sell it to a friend, sell it on eBay, donate to an organization, sell it to an online company, or you can take it into your local Apple store and get credit towards a new phone. The good thing about doing one of these is that your phone will not end up in a landfill and could potentially be used by other people. Recycling is important and it is easy to do your part by ensuring your devices find a home with someone else.

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