Tips for using social media marketing for business

Social media channels are forever growing and it feels like new ones appear on a yearly basis. With the main channels setting out their plans for the new year it is important that businesses think of the ways that social media could benefit their business and its marketing activities. You should make sure that it fits in with your overall marketing plan and if you are unsure what this is then working with a Marketing Strategy Consultants like those at is a really good idea.

Once you have decided to embark on the social media journey there are some key aspects that you need to consider in order to make it as effective as possible and to support your overall marketing activities.

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  • Strategy – having a strategy in place is key to the success of any marketing activity but social in particular needs to be carefully thought through. You should establish your reasons for using social media, what platforms are best for your audience and what your call to action process is going to be. There are a number of different ways that posting on social media can be approached and this will differ for each business but the main premise is valid for anyone. A business needs to be adding value for their customers and needs to think carefully about and sales posts that they promote.
  • Audience – knowing your audience means that you will know which platforms they are most likely to be using. It also gives you an opportunity to look at the kinds of content that they like to see in their social media feeds. You can then tailor your posts to match what they like whilst standing out in terms of the imagery and text that is used.
  • Branding – when using multiple social media channels it is important that you think about the branding across them. You should use the same logo as your profile picture, the same banner heading and also the same @ tags where possible.
  • Content – it is important to think about the kinds of content that you want to share and have a content plan in place. You can share posts across multiple platforms but you should ensure that they are fit for purpose of that social media channel. How you post on Twitter is not how you would necessarily post on Linkedin.

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  • Metrics – the way you measure the success of your social media is through carefully looking at the metrics that are provided on the platforms. This means looking on a much deeper level than how many likes you have. You need to think about engagement rates and click-through rates to fully understand the impact your social media marketing is having.

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