Choosing the Right VoIP Hardware

Businesses are increasingly turning to VoIP to cut the cost of their telecommunications, but that means investing in new hardware to allow you to get the maximum benefits from the technology.

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Many people are also looking at updating their systems ahead of the PSTN switch-off in 2015. But how do you go about finding the right VoIP hardware for your business?

System Requirements

The first thing to think about is what you want your phone system to do. First, look at how many users you have and the volume of calls you need to handle. Are you going to have lots of calls handled by lots of people or will you be getting fewer calls directed to just a few employees?

Also, how are people going to use their phones? Will they be staying at their desks most of the time, or will they need to take calls as they move around the premises? If you opt for portable DECT phones, you need to consider where the base stations will be located in order to provide the best coverage and whether you have any other equipment that might interfere with the signal.

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All of these things will influence your choice of hardware, as will the features you require in a desktop phone, such as speed dialling, easy access to voicemail, caller display and more. Check out specifications and reviews online to find the equipment that is the best fit for your needs.

Choosing a Supplier

The likelihood is that you are moving to a wholesale VoIP termination provider such as in search not just of lower costs but also a reliable service. The same needs to apply to your hardware, as it’s essential to the smooth running of your communications.

Where you buy your VoIP hardware is therefore a key consideration. Going for the cheapest supplier may not always be the best choice. You need reliable hardware but also a reliable supplier who can offer support in resolving problems. This means you can also be sure that you are getting quality hardware with the benefit of a manufacturer’s warranty. Buying a brand you’ve never heard of just to save a few pounds could turn out to be false economy in the long run. Ask your service provider if they recommend particular types of hardware.

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