The Nine Best Android Applications To Make Videos From Photos

The world of Android allows us to do a huge amount of things, from managing our social networks to entertaining ourselves with games or videos. But one of the most used elements of our smartphones is the camera, with which we capture different moments of our lives for posterity.

Sometimes we want to use originality to share our photos and videos, for example, putting it all together in a clip and posting it on social networks, YouTube or passing it on to our contacts. Here is a list of nine of the best Android applications to make videos from photos.

Video Editor: Cut Video

Android Applications To Make Videos

We start the list with Video Editor: Cut video, which presumes not to limit the duration of the videos or have a subscription. It allows you to add photos and videos to your composition and download more than 10,000 songs to set it up. The result of the work can be shared by WhatsApp, YouTube and social networks

Music Video Editor

Android Applications To Make Videos

Music Video Editor is an application with a simple interface that allows you, among other things, to add photos so you can create videos with them. Filters and creative effects can be used to give them a distinctive touch and, when finished, share it through various social networks and YouTube.

Animoto Video Maker

Android Applications To Make Videos

Animoto is one of the most complete video editing applications that exist, although it has a limitation on the duration of them. In addition to being able to add the photos, you can put titles to the videos, put music and add various filters to give it a more personal touch.

VivaVideo: Video Editor

Android Applications To Make Videos

VivaVideo is one of the applications that fight for the position of being the most complete. When creating the video, you can add photos, take them in the moment and add various filters. You can also create a mix of all the videos in the storage as best moments of each.

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KineMaster – Video Pro Editor

Android Applications To Make Videos

KineMaster is a video editing application that allows a lot of personalization, being able to add photos, add labels or add text to it. You can also customize the speed of the video, add transitions and visual effects. For those who are subscribed to the application, they can download music tracks from their Asset store.

Magisto: a magical video editor

Android Applications To Make Videos

Magisto is an application that, like many others, offers the possibility of including photos and adding music. In this case, you can also add titles to sort your edits. In its description, the app boasts artificial intelligence when analyzing and editing the different parts of the video, as well as having facial recognition to recognize the most important people in the recordings.

Cute CUT – Video Editor

Android Applications To Make Videos

Cute CUT would be a fairly normal application within this list if it were not because it contains a lot of tools to be able to draw on the videos that we are editing. In addition to this curious feature, you can add a lot of transitions and transparencies.

FilmoraGo – Video Editor

Android Applications To Make Videos

FilmoraGo allows you to do practically the same as all the other applications in this list, although in this case, you can also directly import photos and videos from social networks. You can also preview the work that is being done live and thus save some time.

PowerDirector – Video Editor

Android Applications To Make Videos

We finish this list with PowerDirector in which, like everyone here, allows you to add photos to the editions. You can export the results in HD as well as in FullHD or 4K, although in the last two cases you have to go through the box. It also has support for recordings at 120/240 fps.

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