Nine little-known applications that are worth trying

Are you tired of the usual applications? Google Play application tops have few surprises and the store’s recommendations are based on the apps you’ve installed before, so it’s hard to find new apps that you have not tried before or that already have millions of downloads.

Today we present a medley of varied interesting applications that are little known. Many of them have not even been officially released, but are in “unpublished” mode on Google Play.


Nine little-known applicationsVimage is a new application still not officially published but that has still managed to amass more than 500,000 downloads. How? Offering a curious editor that converts photos into videos adding effects on them.

The effects are quite well achieved (some more than others) and are added as a layer on the photo. You will find effects of rain, smoke, starry skies, clouds, 3D birds, dust particles and many more. They are all free, although a small watermark is added in the resulting video.

Lens Distortions

Nine little-known applicationsLens Distortions is another application without publishing on Google Play. It is a concept similar to the previous one, but in this case only with image: you can edit photos by adding layers with effects of light, fog, rain, snow and more.

Of course it is not the first app with which you can add masks and effects to your photos, but Lens Distortions stands out for the quality of the layers. Many effects are free, but other packages must buy them (about 5.50 dollars per package) or pay a subscription of 1.09 dollars per month to unlock them all.

Phone Usage Monitor

Nine little-known applicationsAre you a data maniac? Do you need to know everything that happens with your mobile? You can do it with Phone Usage Monitor, an application that records everything you do with your phone, what applications you use, when the screen is turned off and on and when it is loaded, among many other data.

The use you give to these data is up to you. There will be those who use it to detect intruders and those who take advantage of the data to control their mobile addiction or have an idea of what those past hours are like in front of the small screen.

Running Calculator

Nine little-known applicationsIf you are a fan of running, this specialized calculator for runners with several specialized tools. This is the case of the speed / distance / time calculation, the BMI calculator, the speed converter or the race predictor.

Use it both to review your performance and to prepare for the next marathon. It also shows you your age rating, comparing your results with the best registered trademark for your age (or another one you choose).

Notification Animations

Nine little-known applicationsAndroid notifications are fine, but if you think you’re missing something funny, you might find it here. Notification Animations is an app that shows you an icon with each notification with a colorful animation.

These animations show you only the notification icon and not the content and are shown in the foreground even if you are in another app. You have many animations to choose from, although some of them need the Pro version, upon payment.


Nine little-known applicationsThe cameras of our mobiles have more and more quality and that’s why this application is twice as funny: its main function is to emulate the cameras and glitches (errors) of the technology of the past like VHS or the camera of the Gameboy.

If you like retro air, give your photos a unique touch as if you had recorded them with a Spectrum or as if they were graphics on a Nintendo or a Gameboy. The interface of the application itself is as retro.


Nine little-known applicationsIf you like music Lo-Fi, Loffee is a simple application with which you can listen to selected playlists of this type of songs. Includes the playlists Morning coffee, early summer, cure, night and rainy days.

It is ideal background music to relax, concentrate on a specific task or simply rest from the same songs that always sound on the radio. Best of all: Loffee does not need internet.


GOM Recorder

Nine little-known applicationsDo you know Gom Player, a legendary multiplatform video player? Well they also have a very interesting voice recorder application. With it you can use your phone as a recorder with some additional functions such as the conversion of voice to text.

With GOM Recorder you can start a recording after shaking your phone or program it to start automatically at a certain time. You also have control over the name of each recording, which you can then crop and share in other applications.


Nine little-known applicationsDo you like the radio but your mobile does not have an FM radio (or is it disabled)? In such a case, the easiest solution is to pull the radio in streaming over the Internet. There are many applications for this (including the official ones of each station) but few are free and without any type of publicity.

Radiogram includes stations from a lot of countries, classified by categories and accessible through the search engine. It takes a while in development (without publishing in Google Play) but is very complete, stable and even has support for Chromecast.

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