Nine applications to get the most out of YouTube on Android

If you want to squeeze YouTube you will not use only your application, you will also have to resort to your other official applications and other third-party applications to enjoy other functions that are not available anywhere in the world.

Below we will show you a selection of nine applications with which you can get the most out of the popular YouTube video portal …

YouTube Creator Studio

If you have a channel on YouTube then you will have to install your official YouTube Creator Studio application to manage your channels more quickly, easily and more completely. With this application you can check statistics, respond to comments, update thumbnail images of your videos, monetize your videos and receive notifications of everything that happens on your channel.

YouTube Gaming

If you enjoy watching gameplays then you can not miss on your device the official YouTube Gaming application, Google’s alternative to Twitch. With this application you can follow your favorite gamers, watch their live broadcasts, chat, view reviews, trailers and much more. You can also broadcast your games of Android games live.

YouTube Kids

For the little ones in the house to entertain themselves watching videos nothing better than the official application YouTube Kids, which includes only content suitable for children, with children’s series such as Pocoyo, Cantajuego, Doraemon and Inazuma Eleven. It has been designed to be used by children, making it very easy to use. Through the sections Programs, Music, Learn and Explore children will find hundreds of videos to entertain and learn.

YouTube on Android

YouTube music

Since a few weeks we can enjoy YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. With the YouTube Music application we can listen to your millions of songs and video clips totally free in exchange for publicity. If we pay 9.99 dollars / month (YouTube Music) or 11.99 dollars / month (YouTube Premium) we can download their songs, listen to the music in the background and only the audio. The application will show us personalized recommendations and hundreds of playlists. Currently offers three months of free trial.

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Stream: Music Player for YouTube

As an alternative to YouTube Music we have Stream: Music Player for YouTube. It is an intelligent music player that allows us to listen to our favorite artists, create playlists, discover new musical genres with their different radios and explore the Top Charts of your country. It allows us to listen to your music in the background through a floating window, as long as we do not turn off the screen.

Stream Tube: Floating Player

Stream Tube: Floating Player is very similar to the previous application but in a step below. It also allows us to discover our music and create playlists but its main function is to watch any video in a floating window style PIP Android O mode.


SpotyTube is an application that allows you to watch Spotify trends videos on YouTube . The same lists of successes and tendencies of your country of Spotify you will be able to reproduce them in SpotyTube. You can also create your playlists.

YouTube’s terms of use do not allow third-party apps published on Google Play to show offline videos or background playback with the screen off. Two features that only YouTube Music and YouTube Premium subscribers can enjoy officially. If these subscriptions are still not available in your country, you can try the following two applications:


YMusic is a complete music player that allows us to listen to millions of YouTube songs in the background and save data, since it will only download the audio and not all the video as in the previous applications. In addition, it allows us to download songs in a variety of formats such as mp3, opus, webm or mp4.


If you want to download your videos to see them offline NewPipe is a good option because it is so simple. With its search engine we locate the video and when opening it we give you to download to save your video or just the audio. In the settings we select the maximum quality to which we want to download the videos and audios.

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