Google Pay: The Android Pay renewal is here

At the beginning of last January we learned that Android Pay mobile payments and Google Wallet were going to be unified under the name Google Play, a new brand that will start to be available from today.

Android Pay will be updated during the next few hours to change its name to Google Pay, and in the meantime, completely redesign the interface of your application.

Android Pay is now Google Pay

Google Pay

Image Source: Google Image

Google Pay is nothing more than an update of Android Pay in which among its novelties we find the name change, the icon and slight changes in the interface. There is no need to reconfigure the application. After updating all our cards will remain registered.

The new Google Pay app launches a new “Home” tab in which we will find our recent purchases, find nearby stores that accept contact less payments, our rewards along with advice on the use of the application.

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Google Pay allows us to conveniently pay from our mobile with Android 4.4 Kitkat or higher with NFC in any business that accepts payments without contacts. We can also pay for compatible applications and websites.

Google Pay

Image Source: Google Image

In cities like London, Kiev or Portland we can use Google Pay to take our transport ticket on our mobile. In the future they will be adding compatibility with more cities.

Google Wallet is now Google Pay Send

In the future, the Google Pay application will also allow residents of the United States and the United Kingdom to send and receive money, but while they are integrating this feature they will have to continue using the Google Wallet application, which will now be called Google Pay Send.

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