Top layout secrets of major retail brands

Digital communications can be a very powerful way of driving sales. Engaging the target audience in a more interactive way, it can pack more information into a small space and deliver messages that are more likely to remain memorable.

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating

A clear example of where digital advertising has been successful is in the fast food restaurant sector. McDonald’s, for example, was one of the first large companies to take to digital advertising and has seen up to 11 per cent increases in sales in some of their products in the UK. Burger chain Prime Burger invested in turning all its menu boards in the UK digital, presenting customers with high-quality images of products complete with animations. They saw their sales increase by 50 per cent as a result.

Presented with these success stories, getting into digital advertising may seem like a no-brainer, but as is made plain by a recent blog published at Digital Signage Today, it is only effective when designed and laid out properly. In fact, unclear and badly organised content can end up having a negative effect on your potential customers.

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Catching your audience

The average attention span of your audience limits your advert to a matter of eight seconds to deliver your message. Getting the exact balance between font and imagery, optimising your transitions and animations to make your message flow, and organising your content are skills in themselves, and it’s well worth investing in a professional service to get the best for your business. You can find digital signage solutions through Moodmedia and similar agencies, who will know how to capture and engage the target audience for your product.

In the same way that major retail stores constantly change and rearrange their displays to catch the eye of their customers and encourage them to buy, digital boards need to keep their advertisements fresh. Just a few seconds are enough to pack a clear message. Moreover, thanks to images and animation, they offer more information per square foot than a static advertisement on a billboard could contain. Eye-catching content, arranged and laid out in a logical manner with the key information staying static while other elements are animated, will make a huge difference when producing a successful digital advertisement.

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