The Challenges Of Digital Publishing and How Pacesetters Like Anik Singal Are Innovating Solutions

Over the last 10 years, the digital publishing industry has continued to evolve. There are now a wider field of more advanced tools and ideas to experiment or work with in order to remain relevant as a publisher.

The industry grows more dynamic with each day and passing year and you just keep pace with trends and numbers to connect more with your audience and get your message across more effectively.

Understanding your audience will help you tailor your contents more appropriately. And if you’re really business-savvy, you can leverage on the data to get good advertising income.

But as easy as it sounds, getting to understand your audience can be a bit harder, as you will need to more accurately analyse and interpret the streams of often complex data.

Another challenge most digital publishers face is to keep their audience engaged. Ideally, the goal of every publisher is to trigger and hold down the interest of reader, so they finish one article, page or eBook and click on the next. The solution to this challenge boils down to personalizing the contents to the exact need of the reader.

And of course, there’s the challenge of keeping the momentum and meeting the expectations of the loyal reader by coming up with the next engaging content. Here, the importance of audience engagement skills will be handy.

There are also artificial intelligence technology the publisher can integrate into his page to analyse the search history or pattern of the e-reader and make suitable recommendations.

What’s the right and most effective content distribution strategy and channels? This is a questions most digital publishers today grapple with and attempt to answer using detailed analysis of the big data.

A success-minded digital contents entrepreneur must figure out how they can distribute contents across multiple devices to the target audiences with the same speed that these various phone and computer technologies, including Kindle, Amazon, iPads and smartphones.

Then related to that is the security of information and data being transferred. With increased digitalization comes increased access to contents.  While this is a benefit on its own, it has also continued to pose a serious security challenge in digital publishing, exposing contents entrepreneur to the risks of piracy, replication and theft of contents.

The Anik Singal Example

Anik Singal provides a stellar example of how to surmount all the different and the dynamic challenges of digital publishing today and create success that inspires both young and old, and far and wide.

At just 25, Anik is widely recognised today as one of the most successful digital publishers.

His famous books, the Circle of Profit: How to Turn Your Passion into $1 Million, Passion To Profit, and The Email Lifeline are best sellers and have allowed him to expand into other creative and profitable enterprises, while equally mentoring others.

Besides being a leading digital entrepreneur, Anik Singal is also a filmmaker, philanthropist and multi author. He is the founder and CEO of Lurn Inc; an e-learning enterprise with a vision to create a new generation of successful digital entrepreneurs through valuable information and resources.

He says digital publishing is viable business model that has helped him to consistently generate profits of over $10 million annually and live the life of his dreams.

Today, Singal’s digital publishing businesses , which also has offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad, directly generates over $20 million and contributes more than $100 million in online publishing sale.

He also specialises in affiliate marketing, building backends and funnels, search engine optimization, profit-generating product launches, business management consulting, and article marketing.

Anik has been named twice as an Inc 500 CEO and listed as a Top 3 Young Entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek.

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