Buying a New Smartphone: 5 Factors to Consider First

A smartphone purchase can be a challenging experience if you don’t know what to look for. It may be your first time, or you could be a veteran smartphone customer – the truth is just the same. Part of the problem is there are so many products, with so many features. Making a decision can be a time-consuming first step. If you consider these five factors, the experience may be a bit less stressful.

What Does It Cost?

Smartphones are expensive, compared to other mobile devices. They can be hundreds of dollars. Carriers can raise prices to levels many people can’t afford. Look for alternatives that include cheaper cell phone companies, which can save consumers a great deal on models that are costlier elsewhere. Deals and sales can go into effect any time, so it’s important to stay abreast of the latest news in your area.

Is the Operating System Up to Date?

The OS is an important specification you cannot overlook. It should not only be current, but the type that you are most comfortable with. The two major players in smartphone operating systems are Apple and Android. Apple phones all tend to have updated software. If you find an old Android phone on sale, it might not have the latest updates; it’s newer versions will be available on upcoming phone models.

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What Network Technology Standards Are Supported?

Cell phones are run on different technology standards. There are phones still using 3G, but 4G LTE is quickly growing and can offer the speed and support you are looking for. There are also CDMA and HSDPA networks to consider. In some regions, one may be stronger than the other. The choice all depends on where you live.

What’s Your Ideal Screen Size?

Screen size is one of the features many people judge smartphones by. The iPhone had a 3.5-inch screen for years, which set a standard in the industry. Some Samsung phones have 4.8- or 5.5-inch screens. Larger screens are better if you use the phone for reading or watching videos. Today, there are many choices, including 4-inch, 4.3-inch, and 4.7-inch screens, making this a hot topic when it comes to marketing smartphones. Also, consider resolution, viewing angles, and protective coatings.

How Much Storage Is There?

Smartphones typically have around 16 GB of storage, enough for most users who store pictures, videos, and songs. Some people, however, like to add storage. Apple phones don’t have memory slots, but some types of smartphones do. If you plan to add additional memory, that greatly influences the type of phone you buy. By considering these factors, and comparing the features and costs of mobile data plans, you can have the smartphone you need at an affordable price.

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