How to Stamp Your Presence on the Digital Market Space in 2017

Just less than two decades ago, most corporate firms, public organisations and professionals were not keen and not convinced about the impact of the digital revolution of the internet and the social media on their businesses or brands.

Then kaboom! And there’s an explosion as virtually everyone and every enterprise is not just on the internet, but they are exploring new ways to leverage its intensity to establish their brand presence and gain a greater share of the market.

So, the first step to taking advantage of the endless stream of opportunities that the digital market space offers, is to first register a presence on the web by creating a professionally designed website. Also ensure to host it with a credible and reliable hosting company such as Umbrellar Web Hosting for peace of mind and excellent support service.

Next, let’s take you on a quick tour of the essentials you need to convert your digital activities to visible online market presence and greater brand appeal.

Design your website with an objective for a rich user experience

One key characteristics of an online user persona is minimal patience. They have countless other choices and don’t want to hang around for too long waiting on your site to load or searching for an item like pin in a haystack.  Make their life a little simpler on your website and they’ll hang around longer, which is potentially a profitable situation for you.

There’s another key reason. Rich user experience or UX is the most prioritized criterion of search engines for website ranking. So this should equally be a priority for you if you’re hoping to establish an increased digital presence.

A Forrester Research says, about half of your site visitor will leave if they’re having difficulty finding what they are looking for. Therefore, create your information architecture in a way that it is easily understood.

You can also take advantage of data analysis and heat map technology to understand how visitors are using your site, their demographics and psychographics and then identify areas you need to work on.

Always bring your best foot or product forward

This is linked to the some of the core behaviours of an online buyer persona highlighted earlier. It relates to an element of laziness and indecision. Again, your only choice is to make it simpler and summarized for them for business reasons.

A new research shows that making a buying decision can be a lot of mental work and modern consumers are less likely to quickly make a choice. This is especially evident among millennials who most of the times, are unsure of what they actually want.

So rather than letting them go through so much hassle ‘rummaging’ your website or virtual store for the exact item or information they want, give users a curated version of your best offers.

Tell them what they stand to benefit from each product, as well as which one might be most suited for them.

Target actions that boost traffic to your site

With over a billion websites and thousands of online businesses in your niche and location, the competition for web traffic is stiff.

To gain advantage, you need to focus on methods that pull web users to your website through such techniques as SEO keywords, quality back links, original and rich content, great visual and vide-rich content, and mobile optimization features for your website.

Start blogging!

Not necessarily personal, but for your business. So first, create a business profile and a blog where you can share ideas, news and experiences to connect more with your market at a social level, and establish industry authority and brand appeal.  Building on this, you should also expand your presence on relevant social media platforms by sharing your blog content and be consistent.

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