WhatsApp adds important encryption end to end

WhatsApp allows us to maintain secure conversations in the last update, so our messages and content sent cannot be seen by third parties. More information below.

As users, we maintain our right to secure communications: texts, photos, audios, videos, documents sent, etc.

One of the most used applications worldwide is WhatsApp, which for several years virtually replaced traditional SMS packages that sold us the operators. Now use WhatsApp is free in several packages they offer.


In our conversations WhatsApp many users have seen the following message: “Calls and messages sent to this chat are now secure encryption end to end.”

Simply put everything we send as text, photos, videos and even voice messages will be encrypted, will be sent that way and will only be decrypted to reach the recipient or corresponding contact.

This is important for the technology industry itself, which was facing the American government access to user data that are investigated in federal cases. WhatsApp to provide end to end encryption cannot access the contents of your users from your own server and that is something that neither technological authorities may require them to block themselves this possibility.

How can they prevent the authorities require them to access the contents of users? preventing access to third parties, encrypting everything from start to finish . This not only prevented the government will have access to our conversations but also potential attackers.

It is absolutely necessary that we and our contacts have the latest version or update of WhatsApp for encryption is active. To enable this feature in iOS must go to Settings, Account, and Security and enable “Show security notifications.”

Email services also improve safety

Some services like Gmail recently added more security, it is expected that similar as Outlook / Hotmail do the same in the coming days.

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