How to Record Desired Screen Video with Movavi Screen Capture

If you are searching for a means to capture anything on the computer screen, your best bet will be screen record. Presently, Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a highly convenient screen recorder. It allows you to capture almost anything that you want. You will be able to capture video guides, streaming video, Skype calls and much more. Furthermore, the built-in video editing tool will help you in transforming the raw footage into stylish video clips. You will be able to cut unwanted fragments, improve videos, able to connect clips using dynamic transitions, add music and titles and much more.

What should you do?

Working with this screen capture software is made relatively easy and convenient. For creating high quality screen casts, you will be required to follow only four basic steps. These steps are setting the recording parameters, capturing the screen cast, processing it along with editing application and saving it in the preferred format. Let us go through them in detail.

Why to choose Movavi

Movavi is famous for producing a number of multimedia programs that will make sure you will be able to have fun with your photos, videos and music on all kinds of platforms and devices. They are developing comprehensible, effective and powerful programs that will motivate people for processing, improving and sharing their content. Their primary expertise will be faultless video conversion across all accepted multimedia formats. Movavi is also popular for producing an all-inclusive multimedia suite that will be inclusive of various kinds of tools for video conversion, video editing or playback, screen capturing, sharing online and disc burning.

Setting of recording parameters

You will need to set the frame need as required, adjust the recording area, capture audio from available source and lastly, capturing mouse and keyboard actions.

Capturing of screen cast

It allows you to capture the desired frame in the preferred format. You will also be able to organize the program for scheduled recording. It will be made possible with availability of convenience capture timer.

Editing the video

With the assistance of the video editing tool, you will be able to enhance the quality of the video, divide video into different segments and get rid of undesired parts, add stylish transitions, good music and much more.

Saving the video

You will be able to convert the video into MOV, MP4, AVI or other popular formats and save video in quick time.


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