How to Use Your Phone as Cookie Projector

Have you ever wanted to enjoy freshly baked cookies but didn’t want to go through the effort of baking them yourself? With just a few household items and your smartphone, you can project cookie images and pretend you’re indulging in the real thing! This fun phone hack allows you to cast cookie images onto nearby surfaces. All you need is a phone, a blank wall or piece of paper, and a few cheap materials from around the house. Read on to learn how to set up your smartphone cookie projector in just a few easy steps. Once your projector is ready to go, you’ll be able to “eat” as many virtual cookies as you want!

Gather Your Materials

To make your cookie projector, you’ll need:

  • Smartphone
  • Blank wall or blank piece of paper
  • Cookie image (can find free images online to save to your phone)
  • Small magnifying glass or magnifying glass app
  • Cardboard tube (from toilet paper or paper towels)
  • Rubber band or tape
  • Scissors
  • Thumbtacks or tape

That’s it! These are common household items you likely already have on hand.

Make sure to use a high resolution, close-up image of a cookie or baked good. The more detailed, the better it will project.

Cut the Cardboard Tube

Take your cardboard tube and use the scissors to cut a straight slit down the length of one side.

The slit should be wide enough for you to slide your phone into the tube horizontally. Measure your phone width first if needed.

Slide your phone into the cardboard tube, with the screen facing out through the slit. The tube will act as a projector housing.

Attach the Magnifying Glass

Attach the Magnifying Glass

Next, take your magnifying glass and attach it over the phone’s camera lens. Tape or rubber band it so it covers the lens securely.

The magnifying glass will act as the projector lens to help enlarge and focus the image. A larger magnifying glass will make a bigger projection.

If you don’t have an actual magnifying glass, you can use a magnifying glass app instead. Open it to full screen once your image is ready to project.

Load Your Cookie Picture

Now, find a high quality cookie image and save it to your phone’s camera roll. Make sure the photo is clear, focused, and zoomed in close on the cookie details.

Pull up the cookie photo on your phone. You’ll be projecting the image straight from your screen.

Project Your Cookie

Take your cardboard projector to a blank wall or piece of blank paper taped onto the wall. A smooth, white surface works best.

Point the magnifying glass end of the tube at the wall, with your phone’s screen facing the wall. Move it backward and forward until the image comes into focus.

You should now see a projected cookie image on the wall! Move the projector closer to the wall to make the cookie bigger.

Try loading different cookie pictures to project a variety. You can even find videos of cookies and project moving images.

Get Creative with Your Cookie Projector

Now that you know the basics of how to turn your phone into a cookie projector, get creative and take it to the next level! Here are some ideas:

Project onto Baking Sheets

For a more realistic effect, project your cookie image onto a baking sheet. Use a sheet pan or lined cookie sheet for a shadow background that looks like a fresh baked cookie.

Decorate Your “Cookies”

Use the projector to display decorated sugar cookies, fancy frosted cookies, or other decorated baked goods. Make it look like your virtual cookie is topped with colorful icing and sprinkles!

Project Animated Cookies

Search for animated cookie graphics or gifs to project cookies that look like they’re dancing, melting, or coming out of the oven.

Add Cookie Sounds

Download a cookie sound effect or video with cookie audio to enhance the experience. Crunching and biting noises will make your projected cookies more convincing!

Project Multiple Cookies

Stack books or boxes on either side of the projector screen to display cookies across the whole surface. Make an entire tray of virtual baked goods.

Use Food Coloring Gels

Place colored transparent gels over your phone lens to tint your projected cookie image different hues. Try red, green, blue, etc.

Build a Cardboard Oven

Construct a little cardboard oven theater around your phone to give the cookie more context. Cut out an oven window and cookie sheet.

Project Onto Food

For a 3D effect, try projecting the cookies directly onto real food like a plate of chicken nuggets, pancakes, or a roasted turkey.

How to Use Your Phone as Cookie Projector

Throwing a Cookie Projection Party

Once you get the hang of using your phone as a cookie projector, why not take it to the next level by throwing a full-blown cookie projection party!

Here’s how to host an immersive cookie-themed event:

Find a Good Venue

Look for party rental spaces with large blank walls you can safely project onto. Or pick an indoor/outdoor area where you can set up projector screens.

Create a Cookie Theme

Decorate the space with cookie tin wallpaper, giant gingerbread cutouts, milk cartons, and baking supplies. Play cookie commercials or bake shop sound effects.

Project Tons of Cookies

Set up multiple projectors so cookies are beaming from all directions. Project different sizes, types, and animations.

Serve Cookie-Inspired Foods

Offer actual cookies, brownies, cake pops, cupcakes, and other tasty treats. Serve milk in old fashioned glass bottles.

Host Cookie Activities

Have cookie coloring pages, a decorate your own cookie station with frosting and toppings, or even full-on cookie making workshops!

Dress in Cookie Costumes

Recommend your guests come dressed as their favorite cookie, like a gingerbread person, chocolate chip, or peanut butter cookie.

Your cookie projection party will be a big hit! Just be prepared for hungry guests once they get a vision of all those virtual baked goods.

Troubleshooting Your Cookie Projector

If you’re having issues getting your cookie projector to work properly, try these troubleshooting tips:

Adjust the Distance

Move the projector closer or farther from the projection surface until the image is in sharp focus. Being too close or too far away can blur.

Clean the Magnifying Glass

Wipe off any dust, fingerprints, or smudges from your magnifying glass lens for a crisper image.

Change Projection Angle

Alter the angle at which your projector is pointed at the wall. Aim straight on for a sharper projection.

Improve Lighting

Project in a darker space or turn off nearby lights. Too much background light washes out the projected image.

Increase Image Resolution

Use the highest resolution cookie picture you can find for your phone. Pixelated, low-res images look blurry enlarged.

Replace Magnifying Glass

If your magnifying glass is too small, the image will be dim. Get a bigger glass or glass lens for brighter projection.

Clean Projection Surface

Wipe down the projection wall or use a fresh sheet of paper. Smudges and dust diffuse and distort the image.

With some adjusting and tweaking, you should be able to get your homemade cookie projector working clearly. Enjoy showing off your giant cookie creations!


What kind of phone do I need?

Any smartphone with a decent camera and screen resolution will work. iPhones and newer Android phones are best. Tablets can project even larger images.

Does my phone need a special app?

No, you simply need a clear photo of a cookie saved to your camera roll that you can pull up full screen. A magnifying glass app can substitute for a real magnifying glass.

How big can I make the projected image?

The size depends on how close the projector is to the wall. Placing it just 1-2 feet away can project a cookie image several feet tall!

How do I get a focused picture?

Make sure to use a crisp image with plenty of detail and zoom in on the cookie. Keep your projection surface smooth and bump-free for a sharp picture.

Is this safe for my phone?

As long as you don’t overheat the phone by running it too long, it should be safe. Give your phone breaks if it gets hot. Avoid shining very bright lights into the lens.

Can I project videos or gifs?

Yes! Looping cookie videos or animated cookie graphics can make your projection even more lifelike and fun. Just save them to your phone like images.


Thanks to just a smartphone, magnifying glass, and household materials, you can now project tantalizing cookie images anywhere you like. Whether you use this hack just for your own amusement or throw an all-out cookie projection party, let your creativity run wild.

Elevate your movie-watching experience with a motorized projector screen, much like the way projecting virtual cookies can take your baking creativity to new heights. From decorating your virtual cookies to projecting them in new environments, there are tons of ways to take your cookie projections to the next level. Just be prepared to have some real cookies on hand to satisfy any cravings once those cookie pictures make you hungry!

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