EMC: Hybrid Cloud, the “great promoter” of the digital transformation

Companies that adopt hybrid cloud are three times more likely to achieve the goals of preparing the infrastructure and business.

EMC official sent us the following information:

Highlights of news:

  • A new IDG Research Services study provides strong evidence that, thanks to increased IT agility, hybrid cloud allows implement digital business initiatives, simpler and less expensive faster.
  • 92% of respondents indicated that their organization competitive strategy requires digital business initiatives.
  • 63% said it is on track to achieve its goals of digital transformation.
  • 73% believe that the hybrid cloud creates a path to digital transformation.

EMC Corporation announced the results of a new study that suggests that business and IT executives agree that digital processing and the use of hybrid clouds are key to competitive success factors in the digital age.

great promoter of the digital transformation

The study by IDG Research Services reveals that organizations must “think digital” to improve the customer experience, increase flexibility, boost business opportunities and reduce costs. With 92% of respondents stating that the competitive strategy of your organization requires digital business initiatives and 90% who think that the digital business is a “top priority” for the next three years, the transformative power of digital business is a motivator Key to the IT sector today.

Among the objectives that drive these investments in digital technology, are the following:

  • Improve the customer experience (87% of respondents indicated that this was a fundamental or very important goal)
  • Acquire new customers (86%)
  • Increase innovation (82%)
  • Allow decisions in real time (81%)

The transformation into a digital business is a complex and lengthy process, but 63% of respondents indicated that it was on track to achieve its initial objectives of digital transformation. However, IT leaders still face obstacles, including:

  • The budget and resources (38%)
  • Fragmented processing environments (30%)
  • Lack of appropriate technologies (29%)

To meet these challenges, IT leaders are opting for hybrid cloud environments, adopting a modernized infrastructure that involves two or more delivery models, including traditional data center, a private cloud, a private cloud managed and public cloud. A surprising 83% of respondents currently use a hybrid cloud environment or plan to do so, and 73% agree that a hybrid cloud model creates the path to a digital business.

The survey data indicate that the digital transformation enabled by hybrid cloud helps organizations increase IT agility and allows the implementation of digital business initiatives, simpler and less expensive faster.

In addition, survey results show that, by reducing IT costs, hybrid cloud allows investment in digital processing, and those that implement the hybrid cloud more aggressively are also the most advanced digital processing. Among the organizations surveyed, those with a considerable amount of workloads hybrid cloud are three times more likely than those who did not take to achieve their goals of preparing the infrastructure and digital business.

Executive Commentary:

Jeremy Burton, President, Products and Marketing, EMC Corporation

“Digitization is a priority for most companies on the planet. But how to achieve it is not so obvious. This study makes it clear that the hybrid cloud, and savings and agility that allows, is a key driver for transformation into a digital enterprise. ”


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