Outlook is updated to Mac, Android and iOS

Microsoft pleasantly surprises us with a new update for both Mac and Outlook on Android and iOS. More information below.

Outlook today brings news everywhere: Mac, Android and iOS. We see a little bit about each of their versions.

New Outlook for Mac

The Outlook 2016 application for iMac incorporates a new view of approach which will be much easier to answer emails from Hotmail or any other configured account.

Outlook is updated to Mac, Android and iOS

It can also work with split screen and can use for example the calendar and mail manager at a time. This update allows us to work with the application in full screen in his classic green button at the top of the window or by pressing Ctrl + F +.

New Outlook for Android and iOS

Outlook pleasantly surprised to Android users to include improvements such as making calls via Skype without having installed Skype Using a kind of web browser included.

Remember that Skype has a web version and use a browser to make calls. In this way virtual meetings may be scheduled date and time, just need a click to start our communication.

In Android you can see at the bottom of the issue of a new navigation bar, where we can enter Mail, Calendar, Contacts and files. This type of display is also available in iOS.

Google for its part also made ​​a similar change, integrating Hangouts in Gmail. Whenever convergence for technology companies is more important: the experience is the same on all devices.

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