Google Android would create processors

Google bring hand Hardware developments regarding a possible processor for their Android devices. More information below.

Many users before buying a smartphone or tablet are photos, reviews and features of the equipment; they make comparisons between models, brands, prices, etc.

Google Android would create processors

Precisely, the processors are the main element in the hardware equipment, as without them it would be impossible for anything else to work. In addition, we depend on them more power and better performance management applications for example.

According to news sources, Google would seek to co-develop processors for their devices, similar to how Apple does so today.

Everything indicates that Google would perform the full SoC designs with partners to include in their devices Nexus .Thus both hardware and software would be fully tuned and ready to compete at the highest level with both Apple and other manufacturers that work with Android.

Currently, the new  Nexus and Nexus 5X 6P include Android Sensor Hub that processes information from the sensors, gesture recognition, activity, among others, optimizing battery saving.

If realized this information and be welcomed by companies like Samsung, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and MediaTek, Android and its ecosystem could give us very pleasant surprises in terms of performance .

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