Yahoo! Mail blocks access to users with Adblock

Yahoo! prevents access to its services to users who use systems that block advertising. Those using Firefox or Google Chrome have reported problems of access to Yahoo! Mail.

One of the most important Internet companies, Yahoo !, blocked access to their email service who used Adblock an extension or plugin browser that blocks advertising web pages.

However, officially, Yahoo! recognized that this blockade was part of a test carried out for their new products. Even a user managed to take a screenshot where the following message was displayed: ” We cannot show Yahoo Mail Please disable your ad blocker to continue using Yahoo Mail.

yahoo mail

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The company finally stated that the tests were conducted only for a small number of users in the United States.

Adblock major media block

However, it is noteworthy that also means that country, The Washington Post, also detected using Adblock and redirect these users to paragraph subscription.

These blockages occur for users of Chrome or Firefox to have such extensions installed on your browser.

We know that the use of ad blockers seriously endangers all the websites that base their business on advertising, so various media are discussing what to do about it, because if all users use ad blockers would be impossible to sites follow content creators online.

In the future companies like Gmail , Hotmail (Outlook) and even more resources would be added to the systematic blocking access to users who use systems like Adblock ?, Only time will tell, but as we see more than what a company is implementing today.

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