Microsoft Kills Unlimited OneDrive Storage, Blames User Abuse

Microsoft canceled the unlimited storage onedrive because some users rose more than 75 TB of information. More details below.

Microsoft offered storage for onedrive unlimited service. However, the company found that some users abused the service and rose more than 75 terabytes of data, equivalent to 76,800 GB or 78,643,200 MB data: movies, music, software, backups, jobs, etc.

This incredible amount of space used is equivalent to 14,000 times what the average user uses: 5.5 GB of data. Thus the unlimited plan for those who subscribed to Office 365 Home, Personal or University was canceled, replaced by new 1TB plan.

Thus, Microsoft gives users unlimited service current one year to make a backup of your files. Since 2016 the plan of $ 1.99 USD will be 50GB and 15GB free plan will fall to 5GB.

Users ask Microsoft to reconsider its position

The community has been quick to express their complaint to Microsoft via the web UserVoice are 34,000 votes in favor of Microsoft retract. Comments are actually claiming that if the service is unlimited implies that there should be no limits nor really punish for the sins.

Users state that they feel cheated by the marketing that was about service and should necessarily establish a punishment should be against the few users who abuse committed.

We remain focused on providing high-end productivity and cooperative experiences, not to storage and end , “Microsoft said.

Regarding the service Outlook (formerly Hotmail ), there were an announcement or developments. It is known that the changes apply to onedrive from 2016.

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