10 Essential Prestashop Addons Every Website Needs

PrestaShop is one of the most popular open-source eCommerce platforms used by over 300,000 online stores worldwide. With its extensive catalog of features and add-ons, PrestaShop offers store owners the flexibility to customize their online store and enhance the overall shopping experience.

While PrestaShop already comes packed with great features out-of-the-box, there are some must-have addons and extensions that can take your eCommerce store to the next level. In this article, we’ll explore 10 of the best and most essential PrestaShop addons that can help maximize conversions, boost sales and revenue, improve branding, and deliver a stellar shopping experience. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve an existing PrestaShop store, these add-ons should be on your radar.

One Page Checkout

Checking out is one of the most critical points in the online shopping journey. A convoluted or difficult checkout process can lead to shopping cart abandonment. One Page Checkout by PrestaShop streamlines the checkout process by allowing customers to finalize their order on a single page.

This addon reduces the checkout steps, auto-detects a customer’s location for taxes and shipping, offers express checkout for returning customers, and more. The simplified one-page flow results in higher conversion rates as customers do not have to navigate through multiple complex pages to place their order.

With One Page Checkout, you can expect to see up to a 30% increase in your store’s conversion rate. It also makes the buying experience much smoother on mobile devices. Any PrestaShop store that wants to maximize revenue should have this addon installed.

Prestashop Addons Every Website Needs


Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to engage customers and increase sales. SmartrMail is an email marketing addon that integrates directly with your PrestaShop store. It allows you to create beautiful and responsive email campaigns to turn subscribers into loyal customers.

With SmartrMail, you get access to advanced email marketing features like customized templates, dynamic product recommendations, automated workflows with triggers, advanced analytics, and multi-language support. You can also segment your subscribers and send targeted emails based on their interests and behaviors.

The addon also synchronizes all customer data like purchases, abandoned carts, etc. from your PrestaShop store so you can deliver personalized and timely emails. The easy drag-and-drop editor makes it simple for anyone to create emails without coding. Overall, SmartrMail gives eCommerce stores the enterprise-level email marketing tools needed for success.

Mega Menu Builder

The navigation menu is one of the most important aspects of any eCommerce site. A confusing or cluttered menu hampers the shopping experience and causes customers to leave your site quickly.

Mega Menu Builder lets you create attractive, multi-level menus that organize your store’s categories in a logical way. You can build mega menus with dropdowns, columns, custom styling, banners, images, and more. This makes it easier for customers to navigate your store and find products faster.

The drag-and-drop interface requires no coding skills. Some key features include menu themes, touchscreen optimization, unlimited menu levels, pop-ups, custom CSS, and translation support. Mega menus are proven to improve site navigation and SEO. It’s an essential addon for medium to large PrestaShop stores with extensive catalogs.

Advanced Search 4

Most customers who visit an online store use the search function to find products they want. PrestaShop’s default search is very basic and often shows irrelevant results. Advanced Search 4 transforms site search with smarter predictive results powered by artificial intelligence.

It shows search suggestions as users type and displays results matching the product name, description, tags, SKU, and more. You can fine-tune the search parameters from the backend too. Customers can also filter search results by price, brands, ratings, and other attributes.

Advanced Search 4 delivers the kind of predictive search experience customers get on Amazon or other large eCommerce sites. It’s perfect for improving site search conversions as customers quickly find exactly what they need. The must-have search addon for any PrestaShop store.

Page Cache Ultimate

Site speed and performance impacts everything from SEO to conversions. The Page Cache Ultimate addon supercharges your PrestaShop store’s loading speed by caching pages. Static pages get cached on the server so that repeat visits load instantly.

This reduces server workload and gives customers much faster page loading times. Optimized speed means customers spend less time waiting and have a smoother browsing experience on your site.

Page Cache Ultimate also minifies CSS/JS files for faster loading and renders pages using AJAX. Caching is essential for handling traffic spikes during promotions or busy seasons without slowing down your PrestaShop store. Faster page speeds can increase revenue by up to 40% as per Google research.

Google Dynamic Remarketing Module

Google Dynamic Remarketing Module

Remarketing helps you reconnect with visitors who left your site without making a purchase by showing them ads across Google and its network. The Google Dynamic Remarketing module lets PrestaShop stores tap into this powerful advertising technique.

It works by adding a remarketing tag on your site that collects user data. You can then build custom PrestaShop-powered product catalogs for remarketing campaigns. The module automatically syncs your store’s categories, products, prices, images, etc. with your Google Ads account.

When visitors see your ads again, they’ll be shown dynamic banners with products they viewed or added to the cart on your store. Personalized remarketing keeps your brand top-of-mind and drives conversions by targeting high-intent users. The module seamlessly integrates remarketing with your PrestaShop marketing strategy.

SEO Expert Module

Ranking high in search engines requires optimizing your eCommerce store for on-page and technical SEO. Rather than spend hours tweaking SEO settings manually, the SEO Expert module handles it automatically.

It has 120+ SEO features that optimize your site’s pages, meta information, URLs, content, social sharing, security, and more for search engine visibility. The user-friendly tool also checks for issues that might be hurting your SEO and suggests fixes.

With the SEO Expert module activated, you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty of search engine optimization. It ensures your PrestaShop store implements SEO best practices so more organic traffic reaches your products and converts.

Amazon Marketplace

Expanding your eCommerce reach across multiple sales channels is smart. The Amazon Marketplace addon allows PrestaShop merchants to list their products on the world’s biggest marketplace easily.

With a few clicks, your items get synced to Amazon’s massive buyer base while still being managed through your PrestaShop backend. Orders placed on Amazon are imported back into your store for processing.

By tapping into Amazon’s 300+ million active customers, you can significantly boost your brand’s visibility and revenue. The addon also saves tons of time by automating product listings and order management across both channels.

Currently, over 50% of Amazon sales come from third-party sellers, so growing your presence on their marketplace via this PrestaShop integration is a must.

Doofinder – Advanced Search & Filters

Harnessing the power of advanced search and filters will enable your customers to easily find products on your PrestaShop store. Doofinder is a smart search and merchandising tool that delivers a superior search and discovery experience.

It provides predictive search with autosuggestions, spelling corrections, and partial match results. Customers can also filter products by attributes like price, brand, color, and more. Sorting, comparisons, grouped navigation, and banner displays further refine the browsing experience.

Doofinder essentially replicates the search and filtering functionalities of Amazon and other advanced eCommerce sites. This results in higher conversions, lower bounce rates, and an AI-powered self-merchandising site. The must-have addon to maximize on-site product discoverability.

Official PayPal Module

Official PayPal Module

Facilitating secure payments is an absolute necessity for any eCommerce business. The Official PayPal Module gives your customers the most popular online payment option that over 300 million people trust worldwide.

It seamlessly integrates PayPal’s Checkout, Express Checkout, and PayPal credit options into your PrestaShop checkout flow. Customers can easily pay via their PayPal account or credit card without leaving your site.

The module also enables payment acceptance in over 100 currencies making your store accessible globally. PayPal increases consumer confidence in purchasing online with buyer protection and fraud prevention built-in.

Offering PayPal as a payment method can boost conversion rates by up to 52%. Don’t miss out on sales from PayPal users – install this official module for the most well-known payment processor on the web.

Last Words

Creating a successful online store goes beyond just setting up a PrestaShop website. Making use of premium addons and extensions is the best way to enhance your eCommerce capabilities and deliver the most value to customers.

The 10 PrestaShop addons covered in this article will empower your business across critical facets like conversions, branding, marketing, payments, speed, search, and more. Investing in the right tools will allow your store to compete at the highest level.

Each of these recommended addons solves a specific need, but together they enable you to build an advanced PrestaShop store that drives more revenue. Hopefully, this guide has given you some great ideas on the add-ons you should consider integrating based on your business priorities and growth goals.

Revolutionizing e-commerce supply chain operations, AI emerges as a game-changer, seamlessly integrated with platforms like PrestaShop marketplace, where the abundance of innovative plugins empowers businesses to explore specialized modules tailored to their specific niche or industry, ultimately crafting a unique eCommerce experience that not only wows customers but also efficiently scales online operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I find addons for my PrestaShop store?

You can find hundreds of premium and free addons in the official PrestaShop Addons marketplace. It offers the largest catalog of modules, themes, and services for PrestaShop. The addons are created by members of the PrestaShop community and verified for quality & security.

  1. Should I stick to free or paid addons?

It depends on your specific needs. Free addons are great to get started but generally offer limited features. Premium paid addons provide more advanced functionality, ongoing support, and regular updates. For business-critical functions, paid addons are worth the investment.

  1. What are some must-have addons for boosting sales?

Some of the most essential sales-driving addons include One Page Checkout, Dynamic Product Recommendations, Google Dynamic Remarketing, SmartrMail, PayPal Integration, Advanced Search, and Mega Menus. These directly impact your conversions.

  1. How can I speed up my PrestaShop store?

Page caching and optimization addons like Page Cache Ultimate greatly improve site speed and page loading times. Minification modules also streamline CSS, JavaScript and HTML code for faster performance. These are necessary for stores getting heavy traffic.

  1. What addon provides the best email marketing for PrestaShop?

SmartrMail is the top-rated email marketing addon for sending beautiful and responsive emails synced with your PrestaShop customer data. Other options like PrestaShop MailChimp and Sendinblue also deliver robust email capabilities.

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