Why Not To Use Google Drive

Google Drive provides you with data storage space for free. It works like a server where you can keep various files and any other type of data safely. Some of the files that you can store here include videos, PDFs, Google docs, photos, and many others. It uses a technology known as cloud computing, which means you can access the data from anywhere. It can also be managed jointly or individually, making your work easy. However, any application, service, or tool out there comes with limits as well according to www.stellarspins.com.

Security Risks

Despite its multiple security systems, the service isn’t 100% hack-proof. If you’re storing sensitive information. It’s good to be aware of some of the Google Drive security risks you’re being exposed to. The most often risk is that of sharing your files with the wrong person and if copies are being made, there’s not much you can do. Also, the data encryption used by data can be bypassed if you don’t add extra layers of protection to maintain the safety of your data.

Depending on an Internet Connection

Even though it allows offline access and you can edit documents without having an internet connection, at some point you’ll need to connect for everything to be updated. Therefore, if you’re in a situation where connecting to the internet is impossible for a longer period of time, you won’t be able to sync the Google Drive contents. This is a common downside for all cloud-based storage services.

Has a Limit on How Much You can Upload in a Day

If you’re using Google Drive for business and plan to upload large files every day, you should be aware of the 750 GB daily upload limit. If you reach this limit you won’t be able to upload anything else on that day. This one is especially relevant when discussing the pros and cons of Google Photos. A service adjacent to Google Drive that often uses larger files for sharing photos or videos between users.

File Size Limits

Besides the daily upload limit, Google Drive comes with several other file size limits. For example, when converting a text document to Google Docs, the maximum file size is 50 MB. The file size limit drops to 20 MB for Sheets and it can be a problem if you’re trying to upload huge sheets with sensitive business information.

Downloading and Uploading Speed

While the Google Drive download and upload speeds are more than decent as a standalone service, everything is tightly connected to the internet connection quality. If your internet connection isn’t the best, you can find yourself in the unwanted situation where you have to wait a lot to upload and download files. So, getting the most out of Google Drive may also require an upgrade to your internet speed which can be costly most of the time. You’ll be able to access casino en ligne argent reel much faster than before.

Google Browses Content Saved in Google Drive

Another downside for Google Drive is that it’s strongly believed that Google is able to browse the data you store in Google Drive. It’s part of their security policy and Google swears they can’t actually read or open the data. However, if you’re storing sensitive files, this thought is enough to make you restless.

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