Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Manager In 2022

Cloud storage management tools allow you to manage multiple cloud storage accounts or multiple cloud drives with ease. When you use different cloud storage providers or want to store data to different accounts of one cloud storage service, you can use these cloud storage manager apps to upload data to the cloud without switching different accounts. And, some cloud storage management services can help you manage your files with ease. Here are the best cloud storage managers according to best online casinos for us players.

Azure Storage Explorer

Microsoft’s Azure Storage Explorer is a powerful cloud storage management solution that aims to make it easy to manage all types of data for every time of need. It caters for the upload and download of data, in the form of files, tables, queues, and blobs, and works with both the Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Data Lake features for easier management.

Everything is run through a simple graphical user interface (GUI) to make the process easier, and you can access from that virtual machines and work with the Azure Resource Manager as well as normal storage. There’s also the ability to manage multiple account subscriptions together. Connections are made through HTTPS to make it secure, with access controlled by defined roles. Even then, emulators allow for offline working as well, which is a nifty feature.

AWS Storage

Rather than an individual service, AWS Storage offers a range of different cloud storage management options depending on file or data type and use, in order to provide a more efficient service. These options range from persistent storage for high availability, local storage for databases, cloud migration storage, deep archiving, as well as backup storage for disaster recovery.

For example, Amazon S3 is used to store data for backup and recovery or otherwise archived content, boasting the ability to seamless host tens of trillions of data points. Amazon S3 Glacier is a low-cost option for long-term data storage, while Amazon FSx for Windows File Server manages Windows applications and their data.


cloudHQ can sync across many cloud platforms but works best with any Google apps such a Google Drive and Gmail. cloudHQ fully integrates all your Google related apps with other cloud-based services such as Salesforce, Dropbox and Evernote. This solution offers full backup protection for all G Suite apps that may be used within your organization. Even if other organizations you work with use other services such as Dropbox, cloudHQ will sync and integrate all these with your G Suite accounts. This means less hassle for you when working over multiple cloud-based solutions.


MultCloud offers a solution that is designed to bind all your cloud storage providers together in one platform, making everything more accessible for you. It is a cross-platform, web-based solution. Through the use of copy/paste or by syncing between two cloud-based servers, MultCloud makes transferring files a very simple and painless process. You don’t need to be online for the whole process as MultCloud will complete any data-to-data transmission for you like games at

This solution also supports scheduling transfers whenever you need, meaning that you do not have to manually start the process yourself. You can schedule it to start migration or to update sync with other cloud services after a certain period of time or you can schedule a transfer process when your system is powered off.


CloudFuze was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing businesses and private consumers with a way to transfer and migrate their files easily no matter where they are stored. On the main dashboard you can sort through all of your files where they can be divided into file type. You can also apply custom filters. This solution also offers file sharing and CloudFuze have a workspace that team members can use to collaborate on projects.

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